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Cold​.​Killed​.​Collected. (2005​-​2010)

by Tonedeff

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𝕍 𝕚 𝕣 𝕘 𝕠 ♕ 𝕍 𝕒 𝕟 𝕕 𝕒 𝕝
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𝕍 𝕚 𝕣 𝕘 𝕠 ♕ 𝕍 𝕒 𝕟 𝕕 𝕒 𝕝 It has been a very long while since I listened to optimist or masochist but fall 2020 seems as good as any. Favorite track: Optimist.
Mo Fugly
Mo Fugly thumbnail
Mo Fugly Hard to pick a favorite off a great compilation like this, but keep playing Bananas on the regular. That verse about Prada Pa-ja-mas... And his chuckle at the end! Get this! Tonedeff is doing great things with the QN5 crew Favorite track: Bananas (ft. Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, Mr. SOS, Cashmere The Pro & Oktober Zero).
Timothy Dalton
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Timothy Dalton CKC shows you just why Tonedeff has been and still is one of the best emcee in the game. His lyrical content, impeccable delivery, and creative production will cover every corner of the game and leave you searching the web for every song that has his name on it. Favorite track: Optimist.
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    Created specifically for Auralarians who’ve been clammoring for a properly-manufactured “Collection” of all Tonedeff material which occured AFTER 2004’s Underscore. 46 tracks spanning the years 2005-2010, including 4 BRAND NEW songs, radio freestyles & freeverses, and unreleased ALTERNATE versions of classic tracks, never before heard by the public. This is an absolute MUST have for the QN5 completionist.

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Bang 03:24
“Bang” Written & Produced By Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP) We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/ We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/ We ain’t playin tonight…Tonedeff, He ain’t playing tonight/ We ain’t playin tonight…QN5 Ain’t playing tonight/ Hook: Bang! You know we come to Bang! You throwin nothing! Bang! Right on the button! Bang! Good night, bitch. Bang! You know we come to Bang! We own you fuckers! Bang! So don’t be frontin…Hey! Y’all ain’t built to Bang! Verse 1 Yo! I’m armed with gifts that hit like a dodge, Bombing like I’m on a mission from god, When you dip from the shot, then you’re tripped and get dropped/ With an omaplata grippin that arm with a viscious resolve, Twistin it off to leave as a tip at the palms/ It’s unanimous, I consider decisions a loss, Cause son, I’m a closer, coming to finish the job/ Snakey slick talkers get unhinged at the jaw Brother, you’d think they’re confessing sins to the father the way that they kissin this cross/ Lift you off-a ya feet, like you sit in a saw rigged with ball at the opposite end fit to rip through a wall – Demolition-grade! Splitting the top of your noggin, till you spin and then topple and then you out cold like getting a dip in the pond while up in the Michigan frost Sleeping like you was whiffin exhaust Off of the choruses and the underhooks that’s keepin you pinned to the song Ditched by your sponsors, a pink slip from the boss/ Herb Dean will have to administer salts just to get you to talk You can’t. Hook Verse: 2 I’m switching my stances….So swift with the stanzas, Got you dancing with stars, but no disco or actors/ Son, this is just practice, You the dude with the wife and 50 kids, cause apparently you only pull out of fights, Don’t be fooled by the hype, When the truth is I’m actually nastier like Cecil Peoples saying the kicks don’t count, but I hit to the rhythm and got em tappin to strikes/ I’m a natural athlete, fight to the death if the ref was in absence/ So at the request of the champion I’m bringing a medic and testing olympian levels on the rest of your matches I’m pressing the action – If you layin’ and prayin’ and doin dick from the top Then confess to your passion – you the type to opt-in for a prison massage/ The difference is obvious, kid when I hit you there’s ominous music that lifts from the audience You quite the opposite, it’s like you flick me with nickels your strikes are as stiff as a dollar…wet/ This is dominance in the broadest sense – I got a sound defense for staying off the fence/ I grip around your neck, until your eyes get bugged out…and I’ma choke you the fuck out/ And when the ‘showtime’ kicks in I’ll bury you, digging in a post-fight interview with Ariel/ Your girl knows what she wants/ She said she LOVES to stand & bang – but never threw a punch/ Hook.
Tonedeff I’m not a millionaire, but kid, I got a million ways to rhyme With the skill that’s paired with wit atop a villain’s frame of mind Like a military hit upon civilian stations I’m equipped to kill unfairly, shit you poppin really ain’t advised If you’re willing to pay the price, I’ll hold account Life’s a revolving door, cause money, If I’m going in, you going out Funny, since I hold the clip – you owe me now Dummies dip, like “Holy Shit! That fucker Tone’s just as quick when you slow him down!” Most ridiculous show in town! Hold no interest in yours cause now Headliners don’t perform, they just sync their lips and support the crowd So I’m infamous, world renowned for my gifts when I’m beastin But, Jesus, when I leave people speechless – how will I get word of mouth? I’m a mixture of Roman power, Olympian breathing The flow is twisted. Your seasick with motion-sickness aboard the ground The known risk isn’t worth your drowning. Don’t slip! Supreme with my Sotomayor-Steeze, it’s the token spic on the court with power Hold witnesses sworn-in, vowing to rat on you cats Cause once the gavel’s tapped then that’s a wrap, hoe – pick if it’s corn or flower When we bid to get into this, plenty pricks in New York were sour Now business is infinite – ain’t no clique that gets more than ours The mission is simple: Just deliver hits to these hoards of followers Visit with tours and bond with ‘em, Hip ‘em to corporate prowlers Now THIS is a movement, not that bullshit that you force through bowels Resistance to QN5? Start enlisting your mourners now, you cowards! Ha! People wanna talk if they don’t think you looking now You can put em up, kid, if you wanna put me down Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, just Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, Trick You can never duplicate the way we made our name Cause ain’t no fuckin rules if we refuse to play the game Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, just Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, Trick Na-na-na-na-nah. PackFM Clap at your tee-pee like the passenger seat piece You don’t have to believe me, living like I’m trapped in a tv See, rapping is easy, I mastered the art of massacre Feed me beats that’s harder than the task of finding an Asterisk CD Now ask us if we be, the last of a breed Internationally known to hold the throne And prone to smash it to pieces Til wee bits of glass leave scratches on wax Now take that wax off motherfucker, like grasshoppers teacher Now as for a feature, I do this for cash only, pass on a free-be You need me for exposure, but I’m closing the latch on you leeches And raggedy creatures who don’t practice your preachin Rollin with vag is as bad as bringin sand to the beaches Now last but not least this immaculate thesis Will rapidly reach the masses and capacity peeks just as fast as they leak it You asked for it people, there can’t be no equal This track is the prequel to “Ruthless” Now watch how I ruin the raps in your leaflet. Let’s Do This! People wanna talk if they don’t think you looking now You can put em up, kid, if you wanna put me down Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, just Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, Trick You can never duplicate the way we made our name Cause ain’t no fuckin rules if we refuse to play the game Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, just Say it to my face… or stay up in your place, Trick Na-na-na-na-nah. Cue the claps, Algorythm attacks To set the Tone, now we five steps ahead of the Pack And it’s a wrap! That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man 2DopeBoyz with the bass in the back The Meka-nized breaks make ya Shake in your tracks And it’s a wrap! That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man That’s what happens, man
The Distance 04:12
And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled And he traveled I can feel the distance I can feel the distance I can feel the distance I can feel the distance The streets kept comin’ and comin’ and comin’ He sped through his tracks And every scene he spied was all the same But since he kept running, and running and running and never looked back, He never realized how far he came. And it didn’t matter, that the latter part hadn’t bothered him, Rather, all the sadness that followed him As if it was a ball and chain. Cause along the way his posture had changed, Fraught with his faults, and his anger, Until he wouldn’t respond when they called his name. It was all part of the game, What started as a play to get ends Had left him with a breadth of debt and less friends And, yet, he never questioned where the quest went And when dissenters didn’t deem him special He did his best to impress them. And this led to regrets then; Still he was dead set on success, And distress, he’d only express through a sent text Addressed to anyone he hadn’t met yet The tires peeled on desire’s wheels Again he said, I can feel… The distance The more that he stepped, still I can feel the distance. The closer he’d get, still I can feel the distance. The more that he stepped, still I can feel the distance. The closer he’d get, still The city had changed him. As he reflected on the decade that passed, His life, he reckoned at last, was a staged pun, Where the fantasy masked where the grave was dug. A double life revamped, And the other side bites till it tastes blood. So he drives to escape driving a stake through his great love Incessantly trying to shine through the bars like a caged sun, Dissecting a piece of this strange run Over dirty southern acres Working for crumbs in some underground dank club. Where there’s nothing but strained hugs For mother and father and estranged son; ‘Cause he can’t recall when he became one. Though the shame is heavy and weighs tons He still finds a way to place the blame on what they’ve done Visits they’ve stayed away from, And perhaps it was that all along. So he just carries on, Now he can barely call, ‘Cause the talks are rarely calm. He wears his callouses like a tux to a daily prom, Warily feeling ‘forever young’, until they play the song. And his patient wife waits gracefully, while he breaks the dawn, Racin’ ‘cross the states to raise the stakes and cost to pay it off Debatin’ cons of procreation on the hopes he’d trade it all For basic honest home relations. How’d they know it’d take this long? But he placed his honor in the way he crawled, All that means is he hits the floor harder from farther up in case he falls He’s racing towards the exits, So disconnected, he felt compelled to misdirect his perspective I can feel the… The distance I can feel the distance I can feel the distance I can feel the distance I can feel the distance So far, so far away And the more that I step, still So far, so far away The closer I get, still So far, so far away from who I thought I’d be. So far, so far away And the more that I step, still So far, so far away The closer I get, still So far, so far away from who I thought I’d be. And I don’t wanna turn around, oh no To see that I’m all alone. Just a pillar of salt and stone. Just a pillar of salt and stone. And I don’t wanna turn around, oh no To see that I’m all alone. Just a pillar of salt and stone. Just a pillar of salt and stone.
[Kno - Hook] There's a cloud hanging over me What's in my head I can't see x2 [Tonedeff - V1] It seems I’m captive in a carnival The main attraction People stand in line for hours, stoked They pay to laugh and see me sabotage my charted goal to escape this trap while reading transcripts of my horoscopes Then it fades to black Repeat the pattern till my heart of gold is stained and cracked Decreased in value if I pawned it whole would I make it back? The things that matter seem so hard to hold, so I’ll face the facts And leave this planet how I found it Lone And embrace the casket Feel so damaged, that I can hardly cope in a savage world, where the scars reopen at random If you don’t wanna choke, put a bandage over your parted throat I’m man that’s on his own and I can’t get over these obstacles And it adds a sting that the common folks are this adamant to think god’s a hoax And I’m outta hope Though I’m strong I don’t wanna live with the strain No positive notes, no prospect glowing to give me the strength I simply revisit the day that misery came And, I wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, until it hits me That it was a train [Kno - V2] I can feel my blood circulate the whole of my body Cause there’s holes in my body, like a blow from a shotty I’m assuming it probably, cause the hospitals got me I get up off the gurney and I am certainly wobbly But it doesn’t concern me that I am fervently nauseous I’m not overly cautious, I just don’t know what caused it So I’m talking to doctors, asking where is my family Or who was it that brought me, or who was it that shot me Cause I’m hurt pretty badly, but my memory’s shoddy And nobody will help me, so I’m wobbling oddly To the front of the lobby so maybe someone will spot me But my face is in pieces maybe they don’t recognize me Now I’m just realizing, as I open my pocket That my phone is inside it, so I’m frantically dialing Trying to call my fiancé, maybe she’s trying to find me But I hear ringing behind me, and it strikes me as odd I turn around as she walks up to finish the job [Tonedeff - Bridge] I’m wishing for dead. The world is a weight around my neck. Oh, oh. oh. I’m wishing for dead. If today’s like tomorrow, let this end.
[V1 - 24] Oh lord I'm suffering, torn, struggling The world's a gutter with poor plumbing I'm slumming in Wars funded by false governments, Whores, guns and when Everyday is more trouble than the one in front of it Some of the luster of living will fade Hustling for minimum wage, just to fit into my cage The injustice is killing my faith I used for hope for tomorrow, now I just soak and I wallow in death & debt Knowing that my child'll follow my steps How you can I rest with a thousand immense pounds on my chest How do I keep a clean conscience with god, when my thoughts are a mess I could mop it I guess, and ring it out without honest regret And still manage to fall to the faults of the flesh And on top of all this, the loss of a friend to an awful event Shot in the head - when they could have only robbed him instead Homicidal intent for 90 dollars & cents By a con sentenced to 20 years but got off within 10 Why in the fuck we got laws to protect all of us, when All lyrics www.allthelyrics.com Parole officicers can send a heartless killer walking again keep a cautious defense, as some kids are taught to dissent They're born with no natural remorse, and all form of conscience is dead And it's hard to depend on congresses when They impose embargos that leave throngs of small children starved and unfed Some have called it the end, the last days of this system and times If that's the case - it's a gift for the dying [V2 - 24] I'm not a humanitarian I'm just a selfish fuck like you - looking for ways outta this grave we're buried in I'm not embarrassed - we ALL carry that pair of chromosomes for carelessness We inherited from our parenting But the more I stare at it, The more it becomes glaring.Life isn't fair is it? So why fight what I find impairing? Shit, when the time's right, then I'll die without merit No hereafter with it, cause my body and my mind are tied to my spirit No divine interference, we wonder why history's cyclical Why the wicked'll prosper, all while the timid are miserable Why is shit so impossible, while for him it's so typical Why do the gospels point to the times we live in as critical Now, I'm getting biblical.aww, fuck it - I'm trying to somehow rationalize And I'm tired of being so cynical My, what a pitiful state of affairs this is When you're simultaneously ready to die and scared to exist A subway ride, that was once second nature, is now taxing your wits Asking if this, blast really hits, will a casket be fit? Frazzled to bits, with prescription Paxil and shit Trapped in a ditch of a dead-end job, cause you're two months back on your rent Laughing - cause if that shit happens you guess that would be it Eyeing every passenger standing, cause that could be him So, you sit back and pretend, you're relaxed and content Knowing that if you go to today, you unhappily went But when nothing happens you wince, and the impact makes you glad you exist Sadness desists and you miss your family/friends As you reexamine your presence, the apathy lifts Knowing that in the face of death, you found passion to live There's an equal amount of life within a last gasp and a first breath No matter how hard it gets, no one truly prefers death And if the hurt ends, you're sure blessed Remember the determination of your first step And keep walking. Keep walking. Keep Walking
Optimist 05:44
Verse:1 Sometimes I hate everyone and everything – to the world itself/ Even though I’m the portrait of health and been blessed with many things/ Cause when it seems life’s beginning to take a splendid lead/ Suddenly, everything tends to lean negatively/ I used to feel my luck was bled from me at seventeen/ Because ever since positive outcomes have been seldom seen/ They tell me that bouts with doubt can self-fulfill prophetically/ And that’s prolly why John & Paul said that it’s best to let it be/ And I use to be the cat with plenty kinetic energy/ Happy go lucky, Mr. Follow-Your-Dream-And-Set-It-Free/ But over the years, son, I’ve been jaded to the Nth degree/ I hate it, cause my sense of grief is blatant and my friends agree/ See, people’s selfish deeds lead to my bleak expectancy (Like) If I catch the E, I never expect to see an empty seat/ (Nice) But in typical fashion, this’ll pass until my next defeat/ Until I’m stressing deep and forced to beg and plea – till then we’ll sing. Chorus: Life is wonderful. Life goes full circle. Life is wonderful. Verse:2 They say I’m a natural born pessamist – and that’s fuckin wild/ Must’ve come with my mother’s smile and father’s bullheadedness/ I pull ahead and get pulled back, but I keep struggling/ Son, I feel like I couldn’t catch a break beat juggling/ Still I reach upward and on, and proceed trudging along/ As I lead these brothers in arms, to achieve what’s in our hearts/ But the scene’s shrugging us off, so… I just remember that every dream comes with a scar when I see something I want/ When it seems nothing is wrong, well – I gotta keep telling myself to stop/ Waiting for the other foot to drop/ Live in the moment, sit on the throne and just take a look from the top/ It’s a whole other perspective to see the good that you got/ Now, if it’s an omen, quit with the moaning! Don’t let it push you to flop/ That’s like being spooked at the doc since you was a baby, still shook from the shot/ Don’t imagine a tragic end to the book, when there’s not/ You gotta try to rewrite inspite of how crooked the plot. Verse:3 Now, when you go this long uphill, you lose the will to climb it/ So, I wrote this song to remind me of the silver lining/ In a world this wrong, gotta carry a sword that’s strong/ And slice ‘em all with smiles, y’all – I fight ‘em as I kill with kindness/ Nobody wants a Bitter Benny or a Debbie Downer/ Or a Sad Sam that be wrapping a wet blanket around them/ Keep a sunny disposition – Breathe Out/ Cause life has a way of stripping the paint off of your dream house. It’s simple./ Indeed these things seem to be easy to see/ But they easily flee your mind as you find repeated deceit/ Now, there’s reasons the weak of will never dream or believe/ Before they leap, they concede to defeat and agree to retreat/ Now, when fatigue has really got you by the balls/ Remember that if you really didn’t believe you’d succeed, then you wouldn’t have tried at all/ So, jump regardless of the consequence/ Cause even on the night of the apocalypse, everybody’s an optimist. Bridge No matter how hard it seems. There’s always someone in another position. So, when it rains, just hold on. When it’s gray, just hold on. When there’s pain, just hold on. When it rains. And when it rains, think dry skies. When it’s gray, think bright lights. When there’s pain, just smile, smile. When it rains. Verse:4 I know it seems everyday is a struggle to keep yourself outta trouble/ This modern jungle is jumbled with muddled puzzles to stump you/ And snipers gunning to stumble you, like you’ve been hunted/ Dude, how the hell are you telling us ‘Life is wonderful’?/ Some of you have come to conclusions/assumptions, But nothing as true or stunning/ That misery becomes something that’s comfortable/ Trumping the will to shun it. Run from it if you’re stuck in a rut or two/ So, I figured I’d drum up something I could hum to you. (Like this).
Tonedeff I got the itinerary. With this I can say with confidence I devised a trip to the very inch – a timetable of spots to hit The fly missionary: staying on top of shit; Plotting/aiming to drop them kids, to show ‘em the hits go both ways like college chicks It’s 4 AM and I’m equipped with scope, razors with diamond tips/ If you’re assuming it’s to groom, your mistaken on my intent it’s 5 AM, and we rollin’ inside the van, as we home in to make acquaintance with the anonymous faces behind the threats (Knock! Knock!) 6:00 AM, and we stationed beside the steps that we traced to this guy’s address, so we wait there in silence YES! And there he is, Arrogant Larry the Aryan terrorist/ Staring us down, frozen with his pair nailed to the ground We made our play after surveying the area/ Bound, blindfolded and shoved him in the van. He don’t know where he is now/ At 7 o clock, we settle and stop. He’s scared but still proud/ “Extended Fags ain’t shit!” (Substantial) “Make The Call!” Is Carrie around?/ “Noooo!” Hey, Carrie! Larry’s showing us where to hit town/ You leave my girl alone!” We’re out front, you care to head out?/ By 8 o’clock, Larry’s girlfriend had ate a cock Paid a cop just to stand by the van and made him watch/ You can hate with all that you got, flame us and call us stugots/ Claim to your balls that you not racist, come on now, dude, stop/ You’re berating the blue, while celebrating some coons/ The proof? Your 99% white playlist of tunes/ By 8:22, his face was pale blue and matched the logo yo, While Stan’s twittering the blow by blow/ (Substantial: “Follow That!”) Ayo, Sesh, you mind turning down the heat, bro? (Session) “Nah, fuck that, I came for the free dro, beat loads of people Teach hoes to deep throat, wear ‘em like meatcoats, I gotta pee, yo….” (door opens) Ayo, where the fuck did he go? (Typical) 9 through 10, We kicked him out. We right on sched/ A quarter to 12: Where the drive through went? FOOD!! We on a world tour with Extended Famm Haters get choked out and body slammed But we just came to party man and get it poppin’ What do you know? I’ll be damned a kid is startin’ Why you want to go and do that? It won’t be pretty Kick plenty ass when we roll up in your city like… (Shut up!) Punk! (Move!) Sucka (Shut up!) Chump! (Move!) Mu’fucka! PackFM Lunch break, kickin ass sure builds an appetite Running on an empty stomach, no way I can rap tonight Put my order in, now I’m waiting on the beverages I got a few seconds kid, let me check my messages Opinions are like tonsils – come out your mouth eventually And I ignore them, except this email that was sent to me Started off normal, greeting informal College address, probably written from a dorm room It read “Whuttup FM, I just heard your album and I gotta say, my little brother loves ‘Lessons’, But my bro’s a retard, with horrible taste And the air that you breath is an oxygen waste If I see you at a show I’ll rip you right off the stage Amd I’ma beat you til I leave you with a scar on your face!” WHAT?! Who the fuck is this? You know I researched the profile Thought I’d find a mean mugging Sasquatch with no smile, But what I found was so wild, a pimple faced pipsqueak Who probably penciled in puberty to hit this week Fire up the bus! We got another stop to make This town is filled with lots of haters, so lets decrease the population I’ma make him taste my sneaker, I don’t need no weapons either For christ sakes! This kid’s name is Ebenezer! He talkin wreckless? Put him on the guest list Let him in, we’ll show him exactly what we do to hecklers Don’t know what respect is? Ask the 5 fingers (SMACK!) (Substantial) “This aint a wrestling match!” Put him in the ring, I’ll make him tap! He can’t escape the figure 4, no one ever did before Elbow off the top rope, say my shit is not dope! Ram this motherfucker’s face right into the turnbuckle That’ll teach him. “Ow! Stop I learned my lesson!” (CHAIR) FUCK YOU! That’s what you all can get! Think about it next time you’re in the mood for talkin shit Hit him with the finisher. 3-count and its over 8 O’clock, wheres the waiter with my soda? We on a world tour with Extended Famm Haters get choked out and body slammed But we just came to party man and get it poppin’ What do you know? I’ll be damned a kid is startin’ Why you want to go and do that? It won’t be pretty Kick plenty ass when we roll up in your city like… (Shut up!) Punk! (Move!) Sucka (Shut up!) Chump! (Move!) Mu’fucka! Substantial Is it nine? Almost missed dinner time what’s all that about Got my stomach talkin’ like…“Feed me or we’re blacking out!” Boy we was on some shit! Can’t tell if this was a tour or tournament Bamas hanging all on our balls like an ornament Kinda feel bad for them Damn we missed the sound check; it’s a quarter after ten Burns scooped us in the van, back on the road my dude Love a good fight but, we got a freaking show to do Pulled up at 11:42, bout to hit the stage Here come Bill Hates with some Microsoft shit to say “Fuck Sub and them, I’ll smack him son. Rather hear some real shit about gats and guns, man!” Tried to ignore him ‘til my face got red What you say motherfucker? “What? You deaf? I said…” (Shut up) How your face feel? (Move) Now stay still Messing with my vibe when you know that I came to chill Swung a 2 piece then I hit’em with a bucket meal By the time I finish he gon’ wish he was fuckin’ killed (Session)Hey y’all what’s poppin’? (Substantial) Aww shit! (PackFM) Session again? (Tonedeff) Yeah, what you forget? (Session) Just this! (Substantial) Its midnight and its goodnight to the sissified hater Now let us do this show so they can give my paper We’ve been denied! Wait up! What you mean that they called the cops? Whole shit was pointless like flat chicks in halter tops At least they know now when they talk such trash… We’re gonna kick their fuckin ass!
From DJ JS-1 – “Audio Technician” Written by: Tonedeff & PackFM Produced by: Tonedeff CHORUS This here’s what you will find in… The Basix Pitch clear rhythm & rhymes, cuts… The Basix JS and QN5, it’s… The Basix Breaks-mix-bass-kicks-stage-spit-BASIX! Tonedeff – V1A (4) Aight, kids… Follow these flows, clock the basics/ Why’s shit gotta be so complicated/ Hi, Tigg… down to see Tone rock the basement? Fine, Bitch! copy them old rotten playlists/ (that made 10!) PackFM – V1B (4) Who’s trying to come at me with that first grade shit? I hope he got access to a first aid kit/ I barely listen past the first words they spit/ And they always stay pissed, cause their verse ain’t shit. Tonedeff – V1C (8) Well I’m certainly straight tripping, till my rage ends/ My brain tends to kill petty grudges, Because it’s mad gay when you stay bent/ With a day spent in cyphers, I get more rotation than J’s decks/ You know that my feet’ll be hitting original ground whenever the plague steps/ And if we break bread that means that we never stopped for a breather/ Millionaires even after we split profits between us/ I put in work in a jobless arena/ Scream from top of the corporate ladder, while you give the office a cleanup. PackFM – V1D (8) Niggas biting my style like it’s follow the leader/ Your girl’s on my dick too…she swallowed a liter/ I’m off the wall like 99 bottles of beer/ And when my squadron appears, you’ll be hiding in fear/ So slide to the rear – truth is you’re insignificant/ Tracks ain’t interesting…hardly worth mentioning/ I know that I’m far from a star, but the difference is/ I rap the way the cats who started this pictured it. CHORUS PackFM – V2A (4) We got you vibin to our music like “how do they do it?” And make the hotties lose control of their bodily fluids Think you’re stopping these 2 kids? Then dude you gotta be stupid/ Cuz if I ever lost a battle, shit I probably threw it. Tonedeff – V2B (4) You got a whore to culture? Son, it’s not to be rude/ but I gotta get moving, cause I’m bout to be tooling your spouse in a few, Kid, her flowers’ in bloom… so, I’m sproutin her tulips/ Then I’m stocking her womb full of cock and then spewin some pollen into it/ PackFM – V2C (2) And these scavengers be huntin tryin’ to find an exclusive/ They’re campin outside of the studio and copying blueprints. Tonedeff – V2D (2) Went from a student of constant improvement/ To plotting all my hip-hop maneuvers way before Nas did a tour and Das hit the sewers/ PackFM – V2E (2) We grimey and ruthless… dig inside ya pockets for 2 cents You’re rockin a noose, never seen a crew so proud to be losers. Tonedeff – V2F (2) (16) You think you’re tight? That’s a common illusion/ Well… the odds of you rockin a room’s like trying to find a dude named Mohammed that’s Jewish. PackFM – V2G (4) You gotta be clueless. I normally don’t hop to conclusions/ But if you’re rockin, I assume the crowd is probably booin/ You’re stepping to the crew? We gonna leave your body in ruins/ So when you fuckin with The Plague bring an innoculate too. [bitch!] Tonedeff – V2H (4) And while you clowns are amusing, you’ll drown in a pool of your countless excuses/ ‘Bout why you ain’t as polished as QN5 as a unit/ Well, it’s obvious fool, but your mind’ll refuse it/ Ain’t saying Godly; but you can just doubt that we’re human till doctors can prove it.
From Philaflava’s “A League of Their Own Vol.2” Produced By: Tonedeff, Deacon The Villain & Kno ©2004 Vintage Music V1 – Tonedeff – (TROJAN NUTFLAPS) Are you concerned about the risks of STDs when your balls slap the butt-crack? Introducing, the all new & improved Trojan Nutflap! The only protection against disease for your sack/ That intervenes with the splash of even the sleaziest snatch/ Now, breathe easy! In fact, you can rest assured that you’re safe/ The elastic band attaches fast so that it’ll hold it in place No exposure to AIDS, Herpes Simplex or Scrotal Warts/ TROJAN FLAPS! – For when your little lady’s a total whore. V2 – PackFM – (NOREXAL) Now, if you got a dry scalp, I know you heard this before/ ‘Got snow on your shirt, homey, go brush your shoulders off’/ Don’t know what to do? QN5 brings to you (Norexall)/ A new medicated dandruff shampoo (Norexall)/ Experimental, not FDA approved/ But if properly used, some minor side-effects include/ Nausea, blisters, hair loss in some sections/ Liver-failure, a skin rash, and mild depression/ Insomnia and a slight addiction to crack/ But you’ll forget about your flakes or we’ll give your money back! Holla! V3 – Mr. SOS – (SMASHINGALE) What’s poppin miss? Have you ever felt not so fresh, To the point where you wanna wash your breasts and brush your teeth but it’s not your breath? Cop this then!/ Smashingale! It removes haters, improves vapors/ And if you’re getting your freak on, you can get it in new flavors! Cherry Reds and Grapes! Your homey friends will stay/ Impressed for days, whether for the scent or the taste/ Representing your face, like a down ass chicks’ supposed to/ Also available in water & vinegar if you are old school. V4 – Session – (SPICDONALD’S) (Hey Mama! I wanna go to Spicdonald’s!) Hey Latinos! We got something for ya! A Side of papas fritas and a McPollo! Drowning in oil! MmMM. What a deal! Cop a Goya Malta and make it a meal! (Yo Quiero Taco Bell!) No Cabron! Go to Spickey D’s, cop a side of chicharon’! Come down if you want some grubbin quick! (Jingle) I’m lovin it! V5 – Deacon The Villain – (SWEET STICKY DREAM) Whether you’re married or it’s time to sin/ Go ‘head rub it in on your skin, in that special spot where privates blend/ Natural Male Enhancement Cream! Sweet Sticky Dream! Whether you’re with a smut or lady friend just trying to corner men/ But you can’t get it up to bust a nut on her chin/ Turn that performance from a Zero to a Ten! Sweet Sticky Dream! I know it’s not hard for you, you wanna do what grown folks do/ But you ain’t got the steam! You need Sweet Sticky Dream! You try and try to get it up, but you need more than big D-Cups/ Her mouthpiece just ain’t good enough, you need Sweet Sticky Dream! V6 – Mr. Mecca – (JAFONEY & LIARS) Just call the law offices of Jafoney & Liars/ Forget them slip & falls or them accidental fires/ Here at J&L we’re all about getting you paid/ Suing the razor company if you get cut when you shave/ Help sue your one-nighter if you find her chest is hairy/ Or your babymoms for buying more milk than necessary/ Dial 1-900-IM-RICH-BITCH! Come on, It’s easy/ It ain’t like you got a job, you’re at home watching TV! V7 – Kno – (DENNYS) Now people have accused Denny’s of being racist/ So now we’re giving our restaurants a hip-hop facelift/ Jukebox pumpin Mack 10/ Every manager’s required to have at least 1 black friend/ We’ll give you people your own separate bathrooms/ Plus our hash browns are chopped and screwed/ All of that with a smile and a handshake/ This week’s Special: Fried Chicken-Flavored Pancakes!
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Oh mercy, mercy me. At this point of my career I should already be on my third CD/ But every turn of the way has been met with adversity/ But I’m cursed, it seems, and I been disserviced purposely/ And it’s herbs like these, that’ve got my blood boiling to the third degree/ And I’m nervously avoiding this urge to just burst and scream/ Feeling the thirst for revenge! I can no longer pretend/ That mentally I won’t be plummeting off the deep end/ I’m desperately seeking these trendy motherfuckers, Just so I can teach them never to speak on any of us/ There’s something you wanna say? Get that other rapper’s cock out your throat! No wonder he’s been coming out your face/ Son, never doubt The Plague, cause we infect against even the best/ medicines and vaccines, sedatives and bactrine/ I’m fed up with the rap scene/ As I’m Dealing with an amount of politics that would even give the president bad dreams/ V2 (32) Every thing you see and hear was paid for/ So, don’t try to discredit me, cause my shit isn’t played more/ Just imagine having to wait, bored, at the stage door/ Cause nothing aches worse than a name on the marquis when it ain’t yours/ And you’re trying desperately to make noise, but all you get’s hate, From biased record pools that’ll chart anything for their next crate/ Or elitist DJs that only spin vinyl – ‘go get pressed!’/ But give ‘em a Nas exclusive MP3 and they’ll play the shit dead. These vicious double-standards can be seen in many arenas of the game/ From radio burn to video screens, the shit’s the same/ From Magazines to mix DJs – You give ‘em the green, they give the OK Cause niggas are greedy leading the race, they sell you a dream and spit in your face/ And it isn’t easy to look away, when you’re focused on your Budden career/ Pumped up with potential, but you can’t fire nothing from here/ Need anything done? Then you gotta do it yourself with no help/ When you make on your own? Then everyone shows to share the whole wealth. But, Oh well – Another day in a cold hell. When everyone riding your coattails are the same cats that’ll pray your record don’t sell/ I won’t settle for NO REMARKS about ‘room for improvement’/ When you boo at QN5 and refuse to review the music/ Bitch, you’re fronting on the future, stop watching your back and face forward/ Reviewers best to listen to this like they paid for it/ Cause, what the fuck!? Do I need to get shot to get props? Do you need talent? I guess not… but with drug money and a guest spot/ You can spend lots on a track from the producer of the month/ And that’ll induce you with the buzz, that’ll get you news-scoops and the pub/ But Buddy, I’m flat broke. So on that note, I’ll say goodbye to articles/ Bookings for college shows, distribution pushing us hard for dough/ Then you wondering why you’re seeing the same niggas over and over/ The more original the flow, then, the colder the shoulder/ The same reason you can’t stand that verse you heard’s/ The same reason you know it word for word. Dog, it’s Politics.
Easy Now 03:06
From: Domingo – The Most Underrated Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Domingo ©2006 QN5 Music. Verse:1 It was just another show. Random ass club in the middle of nowhere. 1 AM, front-row, center-stage. (Once again it’s on). QN5 cold doin’ the damn thing. Drunk white chicks with their drinks in the air dancing. Tonight is just another episode on the grind performing on the road. (Yeah) Case closed! I’m done, gasping for breath. Hop into the crowd, they pinch my ass when I step. OKAY!!!! Here’s a tip for the men – Your girlfriends do some nasty shit when they’re drunken with their friends So, anyway, head for the bar , ‘scuse me miss Shawty with her mouth wide spins to steal a kiss (Whoa!) I caught her as she tried to go for it. She had a sore on her lip that looked like some ebola shit (I said um…) Chorus Easy Now, Whoa! Slow your horses. Keep it down. Lower your voice, it’s late. Girl, I know why you’re here. You better roll with your friends. Cause I don’t know who you are and I don’t know where you’ve been. Verse:2 She didn’t seem to get the message. I tried to let her down slow, so she don’t feel disrespected. And I don’t wanna lose a fan tonight. As I turned to walk, she grabbed me tight. She said, “I heard ‘Pervert’ I loved your third verse, I watch ‘Bangbus’, I wanna show you what I learned. I’ll give you my thong. I’ve been marinating all night long. If you just let me in, ‘issawn’. WHOA! Nelly’s Fur-taco. That’s sweet, but your mouth look like you gave head to a burning bottle. So, keep your drawls, I leave tomorrow And I don’t wanna lead you on. She said, “You’re a dick! And I’ll sure as shit never download another song of yours again.” FINE! Take me off your Top 8. Girl, your lips are burning up, but I don’t want that type of hot date. (I said um…) Verse:3 Girl, I know you’re trying to say the right things. But your body’s saying all the wrong things. I don’t know you, but I know there’s something I can tell is wrong as hell with you. Girl, I know you’re trying to say the right things. But your body’s saying all the wrong things. I think there’s something growing out of your tongue ring! I can tell it’s wrong as hell with you. Chorus
Chorus Centaur lady In reverse Lovely body but a face, Like a horse Session Yo, Ill tell you what’s great about fuckin’ a hit chick She won’t complain if you just bust in her quick, shit She better be happy she got thrust with a stiff dick And she’d never cheat, dawg. I’m trustin’ this bitch wit Anybody even drunkies wouldn’t catch em in the place When she was born the doctor even smacked her in the face I introduce her to my boys, they tried to hold me back I told em, “I ain’t Shallow Hal, dawg, I know she fat!” Fuck it, at least she make sure I don’t see her when I wake up Cause she’s so ugly she need to creep up on her make-up Don’t need a pre-nup if we break up, cause we never will Won’t get her plastic surgery even if I get a deal For Halloween kids go as her but of course It’s tricky cause they gotta find the fur of a horse This Session tellin’ you to get the ugly chick freak and Trust me, mistreat her cause never the musty bitch cheatin’ Tonedeff Yo Son, I’m sick of these pretty bitches, they’re a nightmare to deal with Hoes actin’ like they deserve to have their heels licked, with fake or even real tits, It’s like they wantin’ fame for their appearance So, I made a severe switch, let me explain what the deal is I met this ugly bitch in the fish section of market I mean for real, this bitch looked like Linda Tripp’s illegitimate armpit And yeah, the sex was a bit awkward, but trust me fam I covered her head with a pillowcase while yellin out, “Fuck the klan!” We go to clubs to dance, the floor clears, bouncers shout Hit up the carnival, they hand her a job app for the haunted house And I get mad confused when it comes to humpin’ around She asks me to fuck her ass but then tells me, “You fucka mah mouf!” And I’m buggin’ out cause it’s fucked up when your girl gets her nails painted And the first thing you think is, “You get a face lift?” Would I trade? Sheeeit… Man, I can’t call it It’s a marriage of convenience and I always get the handicapped parking Chorus x2 Substantial Yeah, yo Got this girl, she’s reminiscent of Cole’s Big Shirley Burly, she don’t know the definition of girly When it’s early, she runs a mile with me on her shoulders Nickname’s Jawbones, teeth look like she bite boulders You might notice there’s no talk of head mentioned Cause the time I got it it was like another circumcision (ow, it hurts!) Listen, her naked you’d hate to see So brolic when we have sex it’s like she rapin’ me And I ain’t a small dude, you should hear her talk too How boo got more bass in her voice than I do? (I love you) Yeah baby, whatever you say Bikini wax? Her bush look like a fuckin’ toupee No choice but to take one for the team or it’s curtains Can’t prove it but I think she might’ve killed my old girlfriend Downer, but it’s useful bein’ around her Cause when we in the club I got my own personal bouncer PackFM Yo, it don’t bug me that she’s ugly as long as she loves me And when we out in public she has to promise not to hug me Okay, shes kinda chubby but her smiles cute, don’t knock it She got three teeth, two in her mouth and one in her pocket Let’s not kid, I’m positive that she ain’t gonna leave me She can’t chew through a new leash, she only got two teeth We go to dark places like the movies. Dinner? think not Can’t use a knife and fork, I gotta feed her with a slingshot Get a doggy bag only hit it doggy style Can’t blame her mom and dad for makin’ her an only child You don’t want a bunch of those things runnin’ around the house We’ll be safe as long as you can’t get pregnant through the mouth I know what fine chicks are about and fuckin’ wit’ em isn’t smart They’ll burn a hole in your pocket and express to your heart So if your ratin’s more than eight to ten and you high maintenance Better have an ugly friend cause I’ll be datin’ them She’s ugly as sin The bitch has goat titties She suckles midget on them The bitches toes are longer than her fingers She dips her big toe in ink and writes me love letters The bitches vagina looks like a wombat dipped in chewed bubblegum Its disgusting
Close 03:44
CHORUS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Ya give it to me now Just Just Just a little bit closer (uh!) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Ya give it to me now Just Just Just a little bit closer (uh!) I wanna blow your mind, I wanna hold you close (Tonight, Tonight, Tonight) I wanna squeeze ya I wanna tell you I love ya! Cross my heart. (Tonight you’re mine, you’re mine, yeah) Verse:1 I wanna tell you to move that ridiculous ass up over my way Don’t want you to drive home in the rain, babe and I’m hoping you’ll stay Now, don’t be ashamed. I’ve seen you in every state of undress And it doesn’t matter to me if your make-up’s a mess You can stay in the dress that you came in, no stress Yes! Don’t bother to shower cause I’m as depraved as it gets, I’m addicted to the taste of your sweat I’ll hike it up and raise it past your waist in a sec Taste and inspect, with your panties yanked to the left I’ll turn the lights down low – Still wanna slip into something comfy? I’ll maneuver my way by touch – And them bumps ‘round your nipples is Braille for “suck me” Now if I’m lucky enough to touch those lovely lumps I’m burrying my scruffy mug in your buns and tickle your bum like humpty hump What a lovely lunch! My plan is in motion I’m the tsunami rockin your little man in a boat Whenever you feel self-conscious when I’m between thighs for this work If you’re dirty, I’m having salmon for dinner with a bit of a creampie for desert. It goes… CHORUS Verse:2 I wanna, blow ya mind with a love gun, shot to the domepiece with a sex pistol Your breathing so heavy your mouth is dry, here’s something to wet your whistle Bet ya’ this’ll get you blissful, close your eyes for one bit/ It’s like the end credits for LOST whenever I unzip – It’s like…[SFX] Oh and you know and hold it well Learned that it won’t impale you if you don’t exhale My boner tells me he really hates your guts! And that doesn’t seems right Feel free to spit in his fucking face and choke him ‘til you see white I’m making a beeline for your seaside palace, so please guide me inside as we grind, Or until your shoulders are equal to your knee height/ While you continue to ride me like I was a speedbike, Put a fire up under your steamy Hot fuzz, like Edgar G. Wright Wanna grip both cheeks and spread em wide, Go deep in – let it slide Break mirrors around the room, and then fuck for good luck – seven times Spit inside this makeshift gaped split, hear it splash I wanna put a milk mustache on your bearded clam On and on and on and on and on, don’t stop! On and then on and then on and then on a little bit longer I’ll give it as strong as you want, as we’re grooving as one – It’s magic – if I can rhyme that fast, imagine the things I can do with my tongue It’s true that I love these dirty secrets we share, making sure the flare is lit, We can be married with kids I’ll still choke you and pull your hair and shit And just cause I’m finished don’t think I’m layin back.. I cancelled my subscription to oxpass, and now you gonna pay for that. It goes. (growl). CHORUS Just Just Just Just, Just take it like that Just Just – Go’on, a little bit closer, (uh) Just Just Just Just, Just take it like that Cause I’m coming a little bit closer I wanna touch ya back, I wanna squeeze ya I wanna bite your neck, I wanna please ya I wanna bite your back, I wanna squeeze ya I wanna fuck you raw, I wanna take it all I wanna… (Growl)
Warden 03:29
*VERSE 1: (SUNG) * You are the warden, though you say you’re not – I say you are/ You got me numbering my days in solitary But you don’t know what I’ve been plotting for you Once I chip my way beyond your prison walls I used to have a soul until you snatched it all You are the warden of my heart. You’ll be the last to know that you don’t have control. You are the warden of my heart. You used to tell me I was someone you could trust with love But nowadays, you barely trust me to one phone call/ Hey! Girl, you leave me cuffed to the walls/ And leave with the front door open CHORUS Give me the blue sky. Give me the sunlight. Give me your loving, baby Give me the key to let me go – Oh let me go. You are the warden of my heart. VERSE 2: (SUNG) Another night another, another lonesome day/ I keep on calling but you won’t come, (hey hey hey)/ Though you’re only inches away/ Where’s your mind go? This ain’t no shawshank baby There’s no redemption baby I’m simply guilty, no parole in your system for me/ But I don’t wanna say a word, we know to be true Cause I’ve already lied to serve my sentence for you/ It’s so illogical, (yeah) We barely talk at all (yeah) It’s strictly conjugal (yeah) Our hearts are cold and thoughts have gone astray I can’t stay – Not this way. CHORUS Give me the blue sky. Give me the sunlight. Give me your loving, baby Give me the key to let me go – Let me go. You are the warden of my heart. VERSE: 3 (Rhyme) Now, you’ve got a lock and key/ Sometimes it seems you’ve got it out for me/ Cause no matter what anyone says, surely I can see/ Mama, you run a lopsided democracy/ How in the hell Am I possibly thought to be shocked when we got different philosophies it’s hard to meet in the middle, when you belittle the issues we live through and If I don’t agree you stomp your feet/ I wish that there was a way that I could bill you for my loss of sleep cause I ain’t counted a fucking flock in weeks/ Ironically, you pulled the wool over my eyes/ Surprise! You ain’t he lady I thought you’d be Props for being deceptive, But I think I’ma need an intervention Cause I don’t wanna stop feeling you top of me/ sitting across my cheeks, devouring the very spot that keeps my force your hungry for you, like I was an ‘aqua teen’/ Now, rock with me, master your shake/ Plans to escape are being botched as we speak Tired of comparing apples and oranges, cause the fact is we’re always just avoiding having to harvest honesty/ When there’s lots of grief that we cause to eachother We gotta stop the bleeding or you can watch me leave And break! Cause whether you like it or not, I’ll be damned if I let this loss repeat/ And there’s plenty of other sharks in the sea.
Verse:1 V1A – Mr. SOS More underrated than Siskel/ Comes a squad that’s a label that’s fit too/ Leave ‘em Marked like J-Lo with issues/ And you don’t want us to break out no pistols Cause if we do we’re hittin all y’all women and kids too/ Then you for not raisin’ ‘em, Send you where Al-Qaeda went/ Cause you ain’t no soldier – You’re getting raped by ‘em/ I’m sick of the nonsense cause this is Asterisk:Two, (Four!) See I’m just making sure they actually knew. V1B – PackFM Now that I got your attention, we’re the ones that ya eye’s on/ We made it to the top, It seems like the prize gone/ Y’all squeeze the life out of rap like a python/ But fuck it, love is love and bygones is bygones/ We here now, this is our year now/ Yeah, we said it last year but we in full gear now/ This ain’t underground, it’s just beneath the surface/ Spit rhymes that ya momma like and ride the beats perfect/ And y’all nervous cause this the beginning and You soundin’ sweet like a synonym for cinnamon/ Niggas pull ya card, you said you did it for the Benjamins Claimin that you out for cake, you really wanna Enter men/ But in the end…this house we built from the ground up/ And this here’s a “Fuck You!” to anyone who doubt us/ We spit til the plaques on the wall that we got rust/ And split wit ya props and ya girlfriend knocked up. (Slut). Sratches This here is hip hop in fifth gear It ain’t 94, joe, we can’t go back This here is hip hop in fifth gear If I put it into the 6th, the song will disappear Verse:2 V2A – Session Yo it’s Session! You already know what I’m ‘bout to do/ Spit ‘n show you how to do rockin powder-blue/ Y’all thinking Tone is rich, he’s recording the hottest dude/ Spittin, while you been rhyming for years and do not improve/ Secret weapon’s what he got right here/ The seventh bullet in the chamber you forgot was there – BANG! Hit you in the forehead between ya ears/ QN5, New Hip Hop, the team is here. V2B – Elite I gets down, Dramatic sounds is the hardest Our producers is betta than ya artists these labels givin deals, n they take em back quick as yall makin tracks since you saw fade to black, damn gotta get that one single just find it not one single hot song on ya whole album besides it the market im crossin like crawford as often as organs obsorbin the carbon from smokin a carton of Parliaments! Bridge You claim that the music’s dead and turn off your radio/ You pine for the golden age and long for the days of old/ No matter how hard you try, you can’t resurrect the past/ Cause this is The New Hip Hop, the future is in your hands. (Whoa) Don’t let em tell you that there’s nothing new under the sun/ (Hey! We gonna work it out) Cause you can always improve on what’s already been done/ (Keep pushin on and on) Keep pushin the walls til they start crumblin down (Hey we gonna work it out) Cause nobody believes you’re the king till you’re wearing the crown/ (Put your ride on fifth, and let’s roll). Verse:3 V3A – Substantial See, I’ve tried to hear y’all out, but I’m honestly kinda bored/ I stopped making “94” Hip Hop… in ‘94/ Born and raised in the age when biting wasn’t allowed/ And you were slayed on the stage for reciting somebody’s style/ Force-feed you the future with no room for refusal/ (Still true to the art). Got Kool Herc’s approval/ My forthcoming album will kick it to fifth gear/ Still five steps ahead, the moment you get here. Shit yeah. V3B – Tonedeff The armada’s comin with battleships/ Beating our foes, embarassing plenty average combatants/ And seeing the bones get scattered like twenty mannequin-accidents/ Leaving ya lone and barren like Jenny Aniston’s abdomen/ Keeping these motions active, We’re deep in the throws of passion/ These talentless hacks are lacking, with beats, performing and rapping/ We seek to destroy every weak little toy who gets geeked when their boy Peaks at the point of making some regional noise – Yeesh! You’re annoying. And we’ve been warning y’all niggas for years/ Don’t act like these words are foreign to your ears… the reforming is here/ And though the shade of revolution is red/ We take it a step newer, instead, the freshest blood’s baby blue till it’s bled/ And you’re regressionist movement is dead/ And you clueless dudes who refuse to play new shit instead just put two in it’s head/ And you’re clueless, and yet, you’re glued to a set of senseless rules/ That were set by a proven group of vets who eventually grew up and stepped/ Cause ain’t no time to reminisce over you/ My patience has been tried by 12 years of predictable news/ If you sift through the clues you’ll be quick to deduce/ That when it’s time to come clean and be paid in full the Q-N-Nickel is due/ So, let’s spark this offense off with a proper start/ And spit tighter than Dolly Parton’s bra gets when menopause hits/ Aww shit! Y’all should watch listen and follow along/ If you lost consciousness, check the stick – bet it’s on fifth. (Come on). Hook Don’t let em tell you that there’s nothing new under the sun/ (Hey! We gonna work it out) Cause you can always improve on what’s already been done/ (Keep pushin on and on) Keep pushin the walls til they start crumblin down (Hey we gonna work it out) Cause nobody believes you’re the king till you’re wearing the crown/ (Put your ride on fifth, and let’s roll).
Everybody, Count it down with me now, here we go again with some of the dirtiest words/ You’ve heard, but couldn’t discern, cause most of the shit that I spit is a blur/ Certainly. But, Observing me once, isn’t really serving me any justice/ So, bust this extraordinary functional display of the tongue-twist/ Some of these punk bitch kids that’s thinkin they’re rockin and rolling hard/ Are really the fakest imposters. They’ve never strolled the yard/ They’re bragging that they got a stolen car/ They get in the way, then I’m running ‘em over dog, oh, It’s on/ They’re getting their faces torn off – with pure resolve – Sayin, I’m sure is all, kid/ You wanna get burned? Talk shit. Steppin to Tonedeff’s like trying to run without learning to crawl, bitch! Y’all is thoughtless. Cause if you’re determined to fall, I recommend that you stall a bit Cause, sonny, I’ve mastered all of it: from the hottest bars to spit, to the introduction shouts that’s up at the this start of this/ Listen, if anyone doubts the kid, they gotta to be flogged & whipped just like a fuckin’ Sodomist/ Non-Stop till the apocalypse hits, regardless, son, if you give it up or call it quits/ Your coffin ditch is dug, by Mr. SOS & Tonedeff-inite the great/ Wait! Hearing the words come outta my mouth is makin’ ya shit on yourself just like a weapon in your face/ Step into my space, buddy ya better be asking me to flow or get performances/ Sonny, I’m earning my stars with about a half-a galaxy to go till it’s over with/ (Holy shit!) Yes, you love it, don’t ya, baby! Open Wide! Scoop it all! Swallow to the balls/ And I’m followed through the malls, because the gift of my flow is fuckin polished to a fault/ Astonishing awestruck crowds, leaving a city with hardly a jaw shut – How? / Well, I’m abolishing the laws of sound, nobody figured would ever fall till just now/ Touchdown, better go chalk up another landslide to the QN5 side/ Nobody’s sick as the kid. You can bet your man’s life, cause it’s lose or die time/ Prove it nine times outta ten – you can see me then over 182 bpms/ Doin the 16th notes, or even the 24-syllable speedy flow, and I’ll concede, yo. But till that day arrives, son, I’ma stay alive, because the way I grind’s really a state of mind And even in base design – I never strain to rhyme If anyone take my lines, kid, it’s a waste of time Because at Point Blank no one can’t spit ‘em with this critical flair & shear sickness/ It’s Tonedeff – BEST FLOW IN THE GAME. If the world’s listening, bare witness. Yes
Verse:1 Put some butter on my corn Make it hot like the sun Like an elevator going up my vein Doing 80 in the carpool lane Take the grease to the street Make it bounce to the beat Like a generator heating up the brain Girl, you’re ready for the microwave Chorus We’re the bodypoppers! We’re the bodypoppers! Move your body like us, We’re the bodypoppers! You can be a bodypopper too! Tonedeff (8) When it’s time to p-pop b-b-bodies we don’t s-stutter or stop r-rockin/ We start moshpits Gather a crowd when the soundsytem gets a little bit over the top and snobs consider it loud and obnoxious Flip through the crowd and we spin, it’s prepostrous Mingling with hotties that got all these ridiculous knockers/ People that follow us heat the metropolis Leaving your job, to just be keeping it poppin like Redenbacher’s the moniker.
TONE: The nightlife. The bright lights in the big city where every chick is more than a bit pretty Where 6:50 in the morning is merely a warning to everyone on the floor they better live quickly And swig swiftly, claiming that they ain't even a teeny bit tipsy It's a reason to get sexy And no two lines are read the same When everybody's on the prowl tonight for some head to bang. SUB: Hotter than hells oven, like gotta impale onions In need of beatings as I leave em squeaking and squealing the speech will be sealing your fate When the beat is appealing with grace I don't waste not a microsecond Punishing something, no frontin', no bluffin', you fucking with grime and grit Inclined to spit, divine lyrics So spines'll split HOOK: Bang your head to this Digital punk, flow with it, don't front, go schizo Bang your head to this T-O-N-E, S-U-B, Mr. Corsten, We came to wreck this bitch! Put your fist up get buckwild, don't tense up Bang your head to this Like you just don't care, get it punk in here Come on y'all SUB: Ziggy-zone out, roll out when dark hits Running home when you start feeling awkward The object's taint any softness and pretty thing you the obvious target Out of closet freaks, that you hardly speak Make her body weak, trying to hog the meat Like a dog in heat, settle down Once goth chick is now ghetto bound Oh ish! Red, black and green glow stick with a plat nose-clip? Fuckin' sweet She's punk and street with a hell of a twist Seen some things but you never seen this Like digital punk, no E-pills, just cheap thrills Sip Liq till I'm visibly drunk Ready and willing to hump Feeling you jump Nod your head, it's hot to death TONE: Bang your head to this Lift your arms into the atmosphere Let's get a little faster here This trance shit appears to turn a millisecond into a half of a year So what's happening here? We tearing the fuck outta the club, until every bit of the disaster is cleared As we dance in the absence of fear We don't ever let our past interfere, so we trashing our gear Flash and appear like magic (It's sheer madness) Your sanity's absent, you feel a bit savage You came to forget sadness It's eargasmic Matter fact, it's a tad tantric, and you can't match the massive satisfaction of hopping around until you can't even bother to stand again Bombed from all the shenanigans Now holler if you got a tendency to fall victim to accidents Then you dammit you better start calling the ambulance NOW! HOOK: Bang your head to this Digital punk, flow with it, don't front, go schizo Bang your head to this T-O-N-E, S-U-B, Mr. Corsten, We came to wreck this bitch! Put your fist up get buckwild, don't tense up Bang your head to this Like you just don't care, get it punk in here Come on y'all
LYRICS: I’m live and direct from the city that built the definitive skyline of Highrises and bright lights that are liable to diminish your eyesight And where time flies so quick that even the minute is named after it/ Where change happens so fast, that all of your memories ain’t accurate Spray cans depict these images in the same fashion as stained glass And you gotta scrape cash together to pay half of the state tax Where the main transportation remains fastened to train tracks Where rich kids try to look broke and the broke aim to be Dame Dash It’s a place battered and bruised that’s been blackened and blued as days passed Abused, shattered, entombed and exhumed after them planes crashed And came back swinging, with a renewed passion and faith gathered To face facts and to move on, knowing this place matters A Babylon and Utopia wrapped in one, Don’t lose hope or you’ll have to run to new slower coasts where the pace staggers This transplanted inhabitant never brags of a native status But I’m glad that at least a piece of the Big Apple, I’ve had it. HOOK Cause it don’t matter where you’re from - only if you’re reppin lovely Come on, hey hey hey It doesn’t matter where you’re at - Only if you’re reppin lovely Come on, what ya say now Cause you can say what you want, you can do what you need But you gotta put it down right now It doesn’t matter where you’re at - Only if you’re reppin lovely Come on, hey hey hey
V1 – Tonedeff (8) Oh Sweet Lord it’s Tonedeff/ The one with the most reported flow yet/ So, all of my Foes be warned, I don’t jest/ While you’ll be at home to read porn with no sex/ I’m the one that your hoe keep warm with both breasts/ Playa, my whole scene’s formed to pose threats/ Really, No Joke We’ve Sworn to choke necks/ Son if you’re so bold, speak more and hold ya breath/ Cause when the pro team storms your home set/ We throw till your own seed’s born with broke legs/ Go Sesh. V2 – Tonedeff (8) You’ll never see Tonedeffinite out of it/ Nearly exited, uppin downers or messin a round a bit/ Under the weather behind the times, by standing or close to fading/ This multi-dimensional talent is far from overrated/ Son, I’m a star with hopes to break in, it’s fuckin hard, I’m most impatient/ Knowing that it’s in the cards, I’m s’posed to make it/ It’s a little bizarre, to those that’s hating/ But I’ma keep this blazing, till every one of these son-of-a-bitches swallow their toes in amazement.
V1 [PACK FM] First we got Kevin, thirsty, hot and sweating in the kitchen with no shirt Computer shutdown before he got to save his homework Now he’s really heated, blood boiling heart racing Looks around “Where’s Traci?” I told her not to use the A/C She must’ve caused a power outage, screams out the window to his sister In the knick of time, a speeding care barely missed her Black Lex screeching to a halt in the intersection Collided with the ambulance going down the street in the wrong direction Driver jumps out of his car, left the engine running High tails it up the block, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Don’t Worry, Momma! I’m Coming!” Crowd starts to gather, cops make it to the scene Paramedics in the ambulance trying to save a patient But it doesn’t look like the driver’s even gonna make it He’s hemorrhaging from the neck, nothing they can do to stop it Then a shot fires from the crowd. “Get your hand outta my pocket!” HOOK Mind open, eyes wide Try and focus follow the signs Mind open, eyes wide Try and focus follow the signs ‘Cause you never know if today is the day Better be sure that you mean what you say And keep your mind open eyes wide Gotta focus follow the signs (Come On) V2 [Tonedeff] “I don’t wanna die like this”, he keeps thinking Repeatedly, blinking, as his eyes are stinging from the bleeding People screaming on the scene, he breathes the steam in He believes he’s dreaming, even he sees Freeman, his team leader, he covered for this evening He pulled the favor, but never asked for a reason, Gasping and wheezing, too late to scream at dispatch with his grievance He’s trapped with the wheel in abdomen, feeling is passing…it leaves him Deceased in flash, and the screams come Accidents happen, man, the summer’s a hazardous season The camera pans to man with a clean gun And it gleams sun, when he moves to reach up, to squeeze slugs right into the chest of a typical street thug He screams police, and people freeze up Now introducing Dee, he ducks and the cop thinks that he sees something, And he bucks, and now the brother needs to be cleaned up And now we cut to a girl with D-cups, Holding a pair of green chucks, and a tee covered in Dee’s blood, who really seems crushed Now, she weeps but seems touched In an weird way, like crying on the outside but inside she’s thanking Jesus She leaves us, as she’s being hugged, By a man resembling the cat the paramedic thought he might have ID’d or dreamed of As the camera swings up, we see Kevin, and he’s rushed To make it to class, He thinks “And of all days to be stuck” He busted his ass, for three weeks on his thesis to impress Professor Greenlove Who doubts that he’ll pass, teetering on a D+ plus He got be up at the School of Electrical Engineering at 3 cause If he don’t, well, then he’s fucked, with loans and no degrees to speak of We pan back to the rear of the ambulance, the second medic administers treatment On a old woman, who’s spleen’s ruptured from deep cuts She’s really in need of, a heart surgeon, Well, yeah this part’s disturbing Cause the medic dips and leaves the lady with debris stuck. In her veins, Gee shucks, that’s deranged, Kevorkian steeze And according to me, there’s more to this here than it reads cause. HOOK Seemed like one of those days when nothing was clear Plus the temp’s 10 degrees above a hundred out here (Flashback) phone rings Traci rushes to pick it up Worried look on her face. Arm hairs sticking up “Don’t tell me on the phone” “OK well meet me downstairs in 5. I called out and I’m already ‘round here.” Surprised Traci was, she felt a chill in the air Got her mental prepared for the shit she would hear And then darkness… I ain’t talking ‘bout Charlie Murphy But every single light in the community wasn’t working Elsewhere Professor Greenlove can’t contact his mama ‘Cause little did he know she had her own batch of drama Felt ill called 911 before she was a goner Cut herself while collapsing she ain’t made out of armor see Dee left the pharmacy he has no honor Now mama Greenlove can’t get the meds prescribed by her doctor (Meanwhile) Professor’s driving and he’s not seeing proper It was too dark to find his glasses in his freaking locker Yall know that that’s a hazard right blazing thru the traffic light That wasn’t on at a glance he crashed into an ambulance Same one his mama’s in when does the drama end Fore’ that Freeman told Traci she’s carrying apart of him Dee’s watching them hug and read a sheet while his head twirl He dipped out of the pharmacy to win back his ex-girl Eternally stressed heard them mention a paternity test Then he rushed Free. A cop came to come see What the ruckus was about Dee reached for Free’s pocket While reaching in his own for what might have been a wallet Then they heard a gun buss aloud now Dee’s no mo He used to beat on Traci. Kevin told her he was loco So she broke up with the mofo and gave her freedom to Freeman ‘Cause Dee was a prisoner of his own inner demons (Nearby) Professor flees his Lex to find his mom But can’t find her, for the medic served as a reminder How her mama tortured her like this woman treated her son Felt obligated to rid the world of this person All the while Kevin’s crying over spilled milk 3 bodies on his block he’s lucky he didn’t get killed Couldn’t get through to the school so he stayed his ass home When he finally did he heard the date had been postponed So he took it as a sign wisely utilized his time passed with flying colors now the brother’s doing fine Days later he stopped by the power plant to find There’s an opening Greenlove was forced to resign Facing criminal charges while Kevin’s working for me And the fella’s doing well and I trained him personally Oh and by the way I’m way put the power on Pay attention to the signs and see what’s going on. HOOK
[Bridge] Tell the Reverend Harris to pray for me, Lord I ain’t gonna live I don’t believe I’m gonna live to get much older [Verse:1] Tonedeff Lights out, so peaceful, stressless Things used to seem so restless Forgive me please, see I need to address this Just haven’t been this breathless since I met this Woman who lept into my life when I was reckless Mothered my blessed kid, but was destined to exit early Guess you can say I’ve been blessed with the best gifts Reminiscing, holding her neckless in my clench fist It’s funny how we move in sudden directions Dedicated my life to the public’s protection Never remarried cause love’s an investment Besides, I had a baby girl to worry about That would struggle to blend in Now as I think, a weightlessness is interrupting my senses A pulsing tension carries my very frame I rise up in ascension- WAIT! I try to escape, but I arrive at these gates I see a figure standing guard who invites me to pray [Hook] I’ve tried it all At the gates of Hell I’m going to lay Down, down [Verse:2] Tonedeff I walk towards the figure that’s standing, extending it’s hand I move to enter past the gates yet I’m met with it’s grasp Deacon Slow down son, there’s things to discuss, such as family But first, let us talk about vanity Tonedeff Vanity?? Man, you’re sadly mistaken Either that, or your sanity’s shaken If you’d examined my patiently You’d retract on your statement I haven’t sinned flagrantly, I’ve acted as faithfully As any other single father Who raised a baby girl graciously Deacon Nakedly, she was at your door after her mother’s death Ignorant to racial anger and other stress Later had a mixed baby at her sweet sixteen How did that fit within your picnic scene? Tonedeff Sometimes it’s too late to fix these things The pristine dream was over, Had to face the fact she split these genes with his sick seed With skin the darkest pigment seen And so I kicked and screamed, Until we found the peace the distance brings Deacon A mixed raced queen, that was your thoughts bout her mamma Up yonder went her soul, your hate growed from ponders On life, being less trife with a white wife So any instances of ya’lls differences it was slice-slice Tonedeff Oh my, it’s not her race, my daughter’s love flies blind I couldn’t take her making the same mistakes that crushed my life I’m dumb struck, by these baseless, allegations I’ve saved too many lives of all creeds For you to paint me s a racist I’ve endangered my own safety to save babies from blazes Black, white, latino, even asian on occasion Deacon But why so? Tonedeff How dare you question my motivation! Deacon No need to second guess, your only aim was to be famous Lord knows, you’ve left behind scorched souls Black children found chilling, later found burnt whole So sadly, your glory’s to come urgently Sentenced to fight fires for eternity


released June 21, 2011

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Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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