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Hunter [EP]

by Tonedeff

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Quinn Haase aka Kid Apocalypse
Quinn Haase aka Kid Apocalypse thumbnail
Quinn Haase aka Kid Apocalypse We need more hip hop like this in the world. Masterful flows, intelligent lyrics, and a real insight into the mind of an artist. Favorite track: Hunter.
Fadeecg1 thumbnail
Fadeecg1 This album is awesome! Great work as usual Tonedeff. Can't wait for the release of Polymer
Travis Love
Travis Love thumbnail
Travis Love The perfect entry to get us amped for the full album. More than the other two, this EP both echoes Archetype and showcases Tonedeff's growth as an artist. No mistakes, this is QN5 in record form. Favorite track: Competitive Nature.
Robby Townsend
Robby Townsend thumbnail
Robby Townsend Tonedeff at his most "pure," rapping about his life and what he's seen, and the intensity of the beats are off the charts without being overwhelming. Absolutely brilliant work. Favorite track: Competitive Nature.
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And They Watched Him Written & Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). A poor boy, just 5 years old Enchanted with the noise that chimed in his soul He lined up every goal, as a child he was certain And everyone that he told, asked him not to disturb them. And they watched him - and they laughed. And as he grew, he would prove that he had it And man nobody knew how he was doing this magic From music to graphics, to movement and acting, He made it to the television screen and he smashed it, And they watched him - and they clapped. But he withdrew from the lure of the rap shit Because he couldn’t do what the suits would be asking He told then all the news, he would choose to be absent And everyone he knew, was confused by his actions And they watched him - and they gasped. He moved to the big city of dreams The very thing he swore he wouldn’t do as a teen He generated news and the views was obscene But his heritage and speed was hard to market, it seemed. And they watched him - and they passed. Out of frustration, he would launch his scheme Began to cross the nation as the boss of his team And people mocked his validation, cause of online streams And told him that he was soft because they watched him sing And they watched him - and they mad. And his big day came and it went Cause every dollar spent, went from promo to rent And since familiarity would always breed contempt They would leave him - when he couldn't meet the needs of his friends And they watched him - and they ran. Now people act like he doesn't exist And every first he ever hit has been bumped from the list And they run with his shit, spitting it quick minus his wit The every-man online turning their sung parts up in the mix And he watched them, and he laughed.
Hunter 03:39
Hunter Written By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). Produced By: DJ Static Well, well, well if it isn’t this motherfucker again! Are you serious? You figured that nigga had disappeared and shit, but here he is/ Wielding the power of perspective you only get when investing years in this Cause nothing’s more expensive than experience/ And I’m spent - delirious - ballin outta my mind, And I’ve lost it, I’m buying all of ya off, fall into a line Every fraud has a price, and it’s bottom dollar bargaining time/ You can’t offer me bribes cause all that you got is already mine/ But that’s awfully kind – Thanks! Now shut your fucking mouth! Y’all been fucking round…in my fucking house. I’m hearing the same voice coming out of a hundred mouths – a hundred thou, if we count the underground And there’s nothing I frown upon harder than air quote "artists" Borrowing their whole product from whoever’s popular and then ain’t so modest Like they so hot because they so blogged Like it wasn’t their marketing dollars that paid for all it, No-wait! Don’t call it! Don’t hate, Tone! Play the game, don’t knock it But that is a lot like forcing me to swallow your snot, then being like “Hey! don’t vomit!” Y’all way too soft on these a-holes, dog, I’m saying this shit from a place so honest there ain’t no wrong in it – FUCK EVERYTHING. When I wrote Politics I was a kid acknowledging all of the shit Now I’m an adult and I feel like a prophet, Like how many shots did I call? Should I call my accountant? Since Hip Hop - the counter culture - became the culture of counting Yet, accountability's dead – We just out for them checks So proud that we gotta sell out for respect And the barely hidden insincerity is so foul, you live with the threat That hi-5’s are always followed with a request Somebody said that success is the best revenge, And it’s a point so valid, That niggas is all network, no talent It’s an imbalance, so telling it like it is just might destroy your access To this circus of trend-whores with coke habits - Well, I’ve had it! I’m earnest - to the platelets in my bones And anyone afraid to burn a bridge is too lazy to build their own I’m obsessive compulsive - reps are what I know. A perfectionist with a restraining order - can't leave well-enough alone So, I tend to expose the devil that’s close, and that never bodes well for their soul-selling M.O. Like when our distributor fell in a hole and said they were broke but they kept what they sold so I never saw a cent of my dough. Here’s another lesson to quote, becoming friends with the press is a NO Cause they grow resentful, it’s best the less that they know Them muffuckers pretend that they’re so essential – the probe isn’t farfetched - They’re just star-fuckers with pencils in tow – But yo. the most disrespectful joke especially low. I bled for this, bro - Even went to the post to send you this dope - Indie is trendy so Majors will cloak their artists as independents and pose That’s like repping as organic Pepsi & Coke/ You didn’t do it yourself! You ain’t authentic, you never knew what I felt The disabling stress that ruined my health You're claiming credit like you ain’t abetted by ludicrous wealth, and then aided by numerous helpers, You may fool em well, cause who’s gonna tell? Me… Shitbag! Did you get a billion views from an elf? (Oh it’s magic!) Clear channel don’t have no room on its shelves for a book of spells You know that shit’s bad, when a kid’s hat is a big splash And we skip past if he spits raps, but his hip dance is a hit smash within six flat It’s a bitchslap in the face, when you’ve mastered a trade And every brick you’ve paved for their way is smashed in a day And so rappers become actors, and then actors become rappers This ain’t fantasy fulfillment, this shit is facts for the stage! It went from Sucka MCs to wack niggas to herbs to faggots, to lames, backpackers, netcees to nerds To hipsters to blog rappers to frat, struggle to drill But none of those name come if you’re ill. I am the hunter that went for the jugular Spilling the blood of other hunters, And still I summoned the hunger to kill But you bring out the worst in me, cause them pickings ain’t nourishing, And it eats me alive - it hurts when this stomach is filled The new run of the mill: chasing fame. In this day and age. When brutality’s raging Like fashion and throwing cash in our faces, is gonna change it. It’s vapid, it’s aimless, I can’t quit, I have to just say this - Cause I’m a fucking man – and that’s dedication. End of statement.
Lucky Written By: Tonedeff, Substantial & PackFM Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). V1: Tonedeff Now I’ve been thinking bout what separates the haves from the wants/ and all of the chance thats involved and whether it matters at all Like is your fate randomly drawn from a hat or a handful of straws Or is there a map that we’re following - not understanding the cause/ And I been thinking about the happenstance of factors and laws/ Like, what are the practical odds you would be on the path that you’re on? Say If your dad or your mom were a bit more financially strong? Then wouldn’t be trapped by your options, problems with cash would be solved/ Your priorities passive and calm. And you could pass up a job, As you casually cough - taking a hit from a gravity bong Plot a startup and stall till a venture capitalist calls Cash in your stock when it goes public, Crediting your passion and resolve/ Would be sad if you saw this, doing some task for your boss Cause you had the identical idea, but you were distracted with this job/ That’s like being naturally small, but still got a plan to play ball And then being passed in the draft for an African then being mad cause he tall Now I been rapping on songs, since Jay + Jaz had a bond I know that I'm nasty with these bars and yet I’m always the one last to be sought After these assholes who chart - on cause their man’s is a star But niggas still brag to their balls like it wasn’t their addresses’ fault Oh did you master your flaws? Did you just slant the results? Can you win a pageant if unattractive and you’ve been ravaged with scars? Is there a pattern to solve? Or is it just gambling evolved? And are you insured? Because everything in this life is an accident y’all. Right? You're Lucky. V2: Substantial One to smoke on, uhn... Let me be blunt, perhaps we see what we want You tried and flunk but their triumph you just perceive it as luck You seem to be stuck... on things that matter the least in your life Failing to learn from all of your failures why you impeding your light Now you’re sick kid and you can’t fix it with some pedialyte Completely greedy a beastly piece like graffiti we write Stop moving speedy Quicksilver and kill your need to be right I know you’d prefer all the breaks, but most of us learn from mistakes You’re “lucky” if you live to receive it, luckier if you can see that Luck ain’t got nothing to do with you helping them reach achievements Chance might get you to the door but working hard is how you keep it Whether Victor or Victoria it’s hardly been a secret It favors the well prepared so I take chance most wouldn’t dare Gotta be candid about my fears like when cancer gave me a scare Could’ve chose to walk around blind with my pride ignoring the signs Chose to side with the opposite that logic it kept me alive So now I’ll live a bit longer of course I feel a bit stronger My ignorance would’ve killed me I wouldn’t been more wronger Some say that I’m lucky, I see it with clearer vision Y’all can leave it to chance, I choose to make better decisions HOOK: Got a silver spoon- you’re lucky Posh Living Room - you’re lucky Got a bigger view -Then you’re lucky Short life span - you’re lucky or Die an old man - you’re lucky It’s what you make it fam - you’re still lucky If you’re born rich, your crib’s enormous, Aint got a mortgage, goddamn - you’re lucky If you’re healthy, still far from wealthy, food in your belly, then you’re still Lucky. You’re lucky V3: PackFM If you see penny on the ground and its heads up, what the fuck you gonna do pick it up, pick it up If you spent your last buck on a losing lotto ticket tell me what you gonna do?? rip it up rip it up See I'm not the one to press my luck or test my fate a destiny control freak i'm calculated with the steps i take cuz you can hit the curb a second late and end up in your resting place so my pocket holds a rabbits foot just in case s'all smoke and shattered mirrors if you dont know the ledge someone wished me luck before a show, i damn near broke a leg had the laces untied on my ones thought i was lookin slick I aint cross a black cat or some other superstitious shit no happenstance i take responsibility for my actions and all of my decisions, the good ones and the bad ones karma dont decide what i develop my skills in or if my chance at success is more than one in a million simply being born proves we can all beat the odds and if you pull it off again they tell you thank your lucky stars must have been a full moon that lined venus up with mars well since we're giving credit out tell me where the fuck is ours? even when you go pro you get drafted in a lottery thats just the way the ball bounces if i'm lucky theres spot for me so when i take that last second shot make it and beat the clock i'll pat myself on the back and tell luck to eat a cock BRIDGE: With a little bit of luck, you get by You could hit it big, how many tickets will you buy? Baby, cause the game’s just the lotto in disguise/ Everyone’s a winner - if you settle your prize With a little bit of luck, you get by You can tilt the odds in your favor if you try Baby, cause the game’s just the lotto in disguise/ Everyone’s a winner - Cause the numbers don’t lie (Count them up - it goes...) 4 8 15 16 23 42 - what are we gonna do now?
Narcissus 03:04
Narcissus Written & Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). Look at me. Look at you. Looking at me. Looking at you. Looking at me looking at me. Looking at you looking at you. Life’s a house of mirrors - I’m hooked to the view. I wipe em down to clear em - I’m pushing up through A thousand idle copies of me smushed in a room. Bluer than Jonathan Osterman’s and I’m just as aloof A crowd of identical twins I mistook as a crew I found that I can’t count on myself, need onlooker approval Let’s hammer it home, shatter my sense of self A fragmented soul, I’m the emptiest shell No courtesy from love - so I measure this wealth In the currency of lust - and I'm spending it well I’m your heaven or hell. Echoed sentiments swell. As you beg me to mention your name, heckle and yell. Girls in their dresses worshiping mirrors Live for the spotlight won't you come near us Boys serve as minions, ready to serve as the Cameras give life to the death on the surface. It’s all about me. Come with us. Fuck a thousand words I could spend it on one picture Plunge to drown your thirst and pretend I'm a mug - sip up! Drunken off the curves, till you’re bent into submission. Listen! Your thumbprint is a drug to our numbed senses/ In love with our reflection - it’s us! It’s an obsession - We’re stuck - in the sum of our ourselves, Publish the self as something to sell, an addiction to wishing that we were somebody else. Now, if you follow along, well then you can follow me back If you’ve got me all in your paws, you’re within the palm of my hand/ If you got a comment, then all of it better be positive - Act up and you will be barred - I am God and this pixel facade is my chapel The rapture within an app, I read your responses and laugh, Please throw your hearts in the basket, scream to all that you tapped it then pass it along Authors of captions craft me a psalm - like I am an icon. Refreshing! I'm a symbol of my status.
Competitive Nature Written & Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). V1: I want to win. At all costs. Till any son of a bitch that snubbed the kid is long gone. And every fucking sin on my bucket list is crossed off I’m an all-star on a loaded roster, But got off to a false start and then stalled in the wrong ballpark, Had a major shot, played to a strong draw But I was X’d out. Probable Kaws? Art. I ain’t just good, kid, I’m the top dog with a loud bark When I want a moment of silence… I’ll ask you what my flaws are And in the end, niggas post up frozen like Narduwar Odd ball with the flow, poser bros get exposed As popular frauds who only come with an image, Don Jon Sharkeisha. Period, If there’s blood in the water, I drop jaws An ensemble that’s authentic, Cast as non-credited extras in the Hip Hop documentary yawn-a-thon So I’m here to re-edit, embed it with everything that my squad is on Preventive measures are taken, so there’s a bar lost My competitive nature’s mistaken for hate, I caught y’all Big fish in a small-pond niggas singing our swan song Isn’t this typical? It’s all our fault. So, witness the business move as they outlaw salt When favors were called on, in a pinch, that’s all y’all brought to the mix, So now history is just false by default With the industry’s trickery and them broad lies are bought But the sense for vengeance within me’s killing me, I oughta find the resolve to let it go. Hook There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. There’s nothing you can win that can’t be won. Don’t want it anymore, so I gotta let it go. There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. There’s nothing you can bring that can’t be brung. Don’t want it anymore, so I gotta let it go of my competitive nature. I gotta let it go of my competitive nature. I can’t make you love me - no! I gotta let it go of my competitive nature. I gotta let it go of my competitive nature. V2: See, everybody wanna be the best - and do none of the work. Leave you to cook dinner then come for the desert Well there’s nothing they can do that I can’t, but that doesn’t work in reverse. Ain’t another person on earth this versatile when I turn a verse I let Polymer serve the purpose to further confirm these terms, but it won’t - Cause sheep think everyone’s the GOAT - ya heard? And the heard has heard of me, but they never heard me and it’s tragic This urban legend gets censored –press has cursed me with a past. And I’m banned, because the word “veteran” is the dirtiest in rap/ And then with my level of longevity - Never tires when I kick the facts They reinvent the wheel – Auto-Tune it to fix a flat In single comparison - Let’s mix and match – Dig the pattern: When they get to smoke, they’ll take 2 hits and pass. But by the metronome, niggas’ll get two clicks and gasp. With no breath control, They’re a vegetable, These pussy liars get put up on a pedestal, Expect that Tone average 6 bars in a breath and it’s a spectacle, Shit’s off the wall, like it was a Pettis blow Tell me you heard somebody, better duke! Dead it dude! The best technical rapper alive – What do I gain? From it? I’ll comfortably say, “Nothing” when it comes to the paying public If someone with cake does it, it’s suddenly gangbusters So, fuck who you name, buddy, who’s buzzing’ll change hundreds Of times, It’s a case study – if one of us gains love, We’re divided, we chase money, become what we hate for something we like. V3: I used to watch these awards shows with tears in my eyes Cause I was supposed to be there in my mind And here were these guys who’d appear overnight, that’d be stealing my shine And I had spent so many years of my time, recording and performing And writing lyrics since 9, shit my career was my life So, failure was death, son I’d only disappear if I die We’re talking serious drive - off of a cliff, No partner assist. No inept investors who were steering him wide You hearing them rhymes? Shit is clearly a crime – they’re scarier live So, when some other peer would get signed And it would spear me inside, stressed and depressed behind the veneer of the smile But I have to face the facts so let me put a mirror to mine My fear is to lie - in a coffin, After I’d accomplished Only a fraction of my thoughts and feel cheated of all my progress So cheer me on till the funeral. Here we are in the rawness: See those who have what you want, did what you knew could do but couldn’t cause it wouldn’t be true to you You don’t wanna make music for douchey dudes? Then do whatever suits you is cool. But the proof’s in the putting, you moved in them shoes HARDCORE. The most brutal music is fueled by the truth If there’s an improvement to you - then money who in the fuck are you losing to? So, test your limits and pursue the goals that you control The next assertion about winning shit that you should know - Is success will determine if I’m driven or delusional. Peace. \\\---BROKEN ARROW--> Broken arrow good for nothing when there's nothing left to slay. Let these torn and tattered clothes impose their stories on the stains. Oh, they're aiming for me now. They want proof I know my way around a bow & arrow. Let these torn and tattered clothes impose their stories on the stains.


Polymer is Tonedeff's second album, which consists of 4 EPs. Hunter is the third EP, which deals with the concepts of self worth, delusion and competitive nature. POLYMER PRE-ORDERS END ON NOV. 30, 2014 @ Tonedeff.com


released September 23, 2014

All songs written & produced by Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). "Lucky" written by: Substantial & PackFM. Additional Vocals on "Competitive Nature" by Fjer. All scratches by: DJ JS-1. Cover Illustration by: Becky Cloonan. ©2014 QN5 INC. All Rights Reserved. For more info: tonedeff.com


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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