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Tonedeff & PackFM - Basix (ft. DJ JS​-​1)

from Cold​.​Killed​.​Collected. (2005​-​2010) by Tonedeff

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From DJ JS-1 – “Audio Technician”
Written by: Tonedeff & PackFM
Produced by: Tonedeff

This here’s what you will find in… The Basix
Pitch clear rhythm & rhymes, cuts… The Basix
JS and QN5, it’s… The Basix

Tonedeff – V1A (4)
Aight, kids… Follow these flows, clock the basics/
Why’s shit gotta be so complicated/
Hi, Tigg… down to see Tone rock the basement?
Fine, Bitch! copy them old rotten playlists/
(that made 10!)

PackFM – V1B (4)
Who’s trying to come at me with that first grade shit?
I hope he got access to a first aid kit/
I barely listen past the first words they spit/
And they always stay pissed, cause their verse ain’t shit.

Tonedeff – V1C (8)
Well I’m certainly straight tripping, till my rage ends/
My brain tends to kill petty grudges, Because it’s mad gay when you stay bent/
With a day spent in cyphers, I get more rotation than J’s decks/
You know that my feet’ll be hitting original ground whenever the plague steps/
And if we break bread that means that we never stopped for a breather/
Millionaires even after we split profits between us/
I put in work in a jobless arena/
Scream from top of the corporate ladder, while you give the office a cleanup.

PackFM – V1D (8)
Niggas biting my style like it’s follow the leader/
Your girl’s on my dick too…she swallowed a liter/
I’m off the wall like 99 bottles of beer/
And when my squadron appears, you’ll be hiding in fear/
So slide to the rear – truth is you’re insignificant/
Tracks ain’t interesting…hardly worth mentioning/
I know that I’m far from a star, but the difference is/
I rap the way the cats who started this pictured it.


PackFM – V2A (4)
We got you vibin to our music like “how do they do it?”
And make the hotties lose control of their bodily fluids
Think you’re stopping these 2 kids? Then dude you gotta be stupid/
Cuz if I ever lost a battle, shit I probably threw it.

Tonedeff – V2B (4)
You got a whore to culture? Son, it’s not to be rude/
but I gotta get moving, cause I’m bout to be tooling your spouse in a few,
Kid, her flowers’ in bloom… so, I’m sproutin her tulips/
Then I’m stocking her womb full of cock and then spewin some pollen into it/

PackFM – V2C (2)
And these scavengers be huntin tryin’ to find an exclusive/
They’re campin outside of the studio and copying blueprints.

Tonedeff – V2D (2)
Went from a student of constant improvement/
To plotting all my hip-hop maneuvers way before Nas did a tour and Das hit the sewers/

PackFM – V2E (2)
We grimey and ruthless… dig inside ya pockets for 2 cents
You’re rockin a noose, never seen a crew so proud to be losers.

Tonedeff – V2F (2)
(16) You think you’re tight? That’s a common illusion/
Well… the odds of you rockin a room’s like trying to find a dude named Mohammed that’s Jewish.

PackFM – V2G (4)
You gotta be clueless. I normally don’t hop to conclusions/
But if you’re rockin, I assume the crowd is probably booin/
You’re stepping to the crew? We gonna leave your body in ruins/
So when you fuckin with The Plague bring an innoculate too. [bitch!]

Tonedeff – V2H (4)
And while you clowns are amusing, you’ll drown in a pool of your countless excuses/
‘Bout why you ain’t as polished as QN5 as a unit/
Well, it’s obvious fool, but your mind’ll refuse it/
Ain’t saying Godly; but you can just doubt that we’re human till doctors can prove it.


from Cold​.​Killed​.​Collected. (2005​-​2010), released June 21, 2011
Written By: Tonedeff & PackFM // Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP) // Cuts: DJ JS-1


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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