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Be you.


Verse 1 (Lucy Camp):
Dedicated to my supposed blood
I can't let this thing linger
You think I'm heavily medicated I might open up
I got a tat on the ring finger
Meaning I do love me now I'm a deep thinker
They do wanna love me now so they sink deeper
No more of that puppy pout with an ugly frown
Can't stand the sight when they weep liters
In a knee skirt, doesn't matter what I'm in
I speak free first
You think B words
Are gonna get me down sweetie swerve
I spoke for the mayor so please research
I know my shit x6
I've got a mean demeanor but I'm working on it
Tryna be tolerant if we're gonna get further on it
Looking to kill in a verse, mood of a murderholic
You know I'm willing to curse, you know the person I been
And you know the people I was
You know that we only trust
Few others even if evil is getting each one of us
To come to the dark side, I'm just being up front
Only because nobody told me I could be what I want
I don't know how much room I got in my calendar
Honestly I would like to fill up every fucking parameter
I gotta be busy otherwise I go mad
And you never know what can happen when you don't even know what has occurred
And to myself I wanna know what I am her
Running along the wrong ones been a habit for
So long
Doing the forth and back bicker
For the prologue
Meeting and getting a bad picture
Getting wrote off
I suspect they lead unfulfilled lives
And that's why they feel the need to come and spill lies
Money never made it man I clump a bill tight
You never heard a real thing up until mine
Tripping over an anonymous claim
I figured how uncommon my name was so since then
I told the people that I never wanted my name
I told them I don't know I guess it's just a part of my shame
It’s been a while though

Hook (Fjer):
They always wanna choose
The path on which you roam
Claim they don't want you to lose
While in your way to your goal

No one does it
Quite like I do
You can't do it
Quite like I do
Can't go through it
Quite like I do

So I better be me
And you better be you

(Lucy Camp + Tonedeff)
Don't cross the fine line I mind mine
Mind your own, divide pride you need to find your home
In a world like this you need to ride alone

Verse 2 (Tonedeff)
Dedicated to liars and poser fucks,
you cats need a ring leader
You think I’m already dead, but I come alive in the clutch
Y’all making me nap, I’m a deep sleeper
Just when I was comfy, now I gotta be spring cleaning
Get rid of the junk in the up in the house, give it mean sweep
Put a lid on these bums slumming around,
With they unoriginal sounds, get em a bus outta town now they free-wheelers - Consider it done!
I’m awful good at preparing
Err on the side of precaution, and so demolition’s exhaustive
The cost of innovation is far from a large fund
It involves that you cough up something missing that’s awesome
You can’t dig in your coffers, to make an offer
You go live through the brawls, through the wars through it all
Till the scars and the flaws are your armor
You’re prolly as authentic as Starbucks imitating a startup
But I get it who really wanna be a martyr?
Knowing the First one through one wall’s gonna be lost
And the Second one who's ballsy enough’ll prolly be harmed
The Third in the line is, nervous and tries but he falls
The Fourth is shot in the head cause he’s tall
Then Five through Seven are mauled, eight, nine and ten, will then catch a slug to the skull
When the enemy’s outta ammo, they stall,
The Eleventh person crawling over the bodies gets all the credit involved
How fair! Swinging once at the pitch, and now you’ve hit one out there
You a fraud ball player
and even with uninformed crowd’s loud cheers
Something in you will always wonder how you got here
Muffuckas sample the flow and they not cleared
Trying claim they family with Tone, but they not heirs
Lifting and they jacking me, bolted and caught caught air
Kid, this isn’t flattery, phonies, you’re called spares/
So don’t compare, If you read it, said it up in a thread
you can bet that you’re caught in my crosshairs
Cause I’ll get an alert, but the shit talk’s rare
So a 100 and 1 percent of my inbox clear
But I got a message for fuckers who want shares
You’re better off investing in buckets and armchairs
And let me do, all things you, wanna cling to
On some “me too”, But I need room, Please move.
Be You.


from Cold​​​.​​​Killed​​​.​​​Collected​.​2 (2011​-​​​2022), released November 29, 2022
Written by Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP), Tonedeff for QN5 Music and Fjer for Fjer Music (KODA).
Produced by AJ Rice


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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