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Massive (feat. Praxis)

from Hyphen by Tonedeff

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Written by: Tonedeff & Praxis
Produced by: Tonedeff
©2001 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

(red)I thought I was paid until I broke the mold/
(red)I spit shit more than an angry lama with a congested cold/
I’m eating rappers like vegetables/
Your mother choked on my cock, my god rest her soul/
(red)Now a moment of silence, please…Rest In peace/
(red)I’m running shit like stepping in piles of dog feces with impressive cleats/
I’m the lyrical teacher testing beats/
Tell rappers to sit the fuck down, like sex in seats/
(red)In a lexus jeep…Hold Up, I don’t own one/
(red)I just looked at your girl and still made her moan some/
Cause that bitch is lonesome, she be sucking on Tone’s thumb/
She thought fucking a bat was the quickest way to a homerun/
(red)Not recognizing her own son, Told you, y’all, she’s so dumb/
(red)She put her clothes in trackmeets cause her pantyhose run/
Um, you’d better respect the flows, dun, your show’s dumb/
Picked your style up in a line-out, and I was like, “Yeah, That’s the Old one”/
(red)Flows nastier than old gum, chewed twice, under the desk/
(red)Don’t try to decide on one of us, cause each one of us, is like one of the best/
Yo, I’m shunning the rest, cause now I be running with Heff/
Your girl likes when I spell my name in cursive with my cum on the front of her chest/
(red)So tired, that I’m hunting for breath…this song? becoming a mess/
(red)Saw your spread in VOGUE, and had to say, ‘What a wonderful dress’/
Tonedeff & Prax make you plunge to your death/
Got my own talk show, and I ask fucked up questions just to befuddle the guests.

Ayo, we’re massive. We’re so phat there’s no room for your asses/
Tonedeff & Praxis.
Tell me, are they nice?
PPSSSTTTTTTTT, Don’t even ask it.
Tonedeff & Praxis – QN5 Massive. What.

Girls around the world be like, “Oh, isn’t T divine?”/
My rhymes are bananas, they play my tracks for Gorillas at feeding time/
(red)This rhyming style is what I redefine/
(red)Give wack MCs lobotomy’s so they don’t even have the piece of mind/
Yo, Prax, this ain’t hannibal… so feed em Mine/
If it’s a dope MC that you want, then, Tonedeff you shall see and find/
(red)Yo do that every freaking time, yo, you make me sick/
(red)You ain’t ill, you’ve been trying to get a deal since ‘86/
Stop talking that crazy shit, the way he spits?/
I wouldn’t be surprised to find “Casino” on one of them greatest 80’s hits/
(red)You’re just a nasty-lazy-bitch, walking with a lady switch/
(red)Using FDS just to cover up that lady-stench/
(sniff) I smell pussy, but you’re the hermaphrodite with a baby dick/
Yo, Prax you like this sweater? Yo, your mama made me this!
(red)But, the way she stitched, she blew the design/
(red)The only real reason I rhyme with you is for the free studio time/
What an EP’ll do to your mind, you’re hated by DJ’s/
All you get from QN5 is a free beat and an MP3 page/
(red)You claim to bring the heatwave, I’m here to give it back/
(red)Your shit’s so wack, your whole LP was hidden tracks/
AHHHHHHHHH!! Come on, that’s a wack diss/
Yo, this kid’s a prick, I’ll make him change his name from Praxis to Cactus/
(red)Let me guess, ‘I need Practice, You’ll knock me off my axis/
(red)Skills on the microphone, Praxis clearly lacks this’/
Nah, That shit’s too average, I really hope you rehearsed long/
Because it takes you 12 hours to record a fucking 1-verse song/
(red)Man, I saw you with your purse on, it’s a Gucci impostor/
(red)Man, how you gonna diss the only artist on your roster?

Ayo, we’re massive, Because I’m phat and Tonedeff’s a fascist!
He’ll get his ass kicked.
Tell me, is he wack? PSSSSTTT!!, Don’t even ask it.
He’ll get his ass kicked – Praxis is Massive, what!

Ayo, I’m massive! Cause Tone smashes Praxis the actress/
Tonedeff is massive!
Tell me, is he wack? PSSSSTT!! Don’t even ask it/
Prax is an actress – QN5 Massive. WHAT!!


from Hyphen, released August 15, 2001
Written by: Tonedeff & Praxis
Produced by: Tonedeff
©2001 QN5 Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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