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from Hyphen by Tonedeff

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For: DJ AVee, Marley Marl & Pete Rock, DJ Phat Philly, DJ Blowout’s “Verses VS Beats”
All verses written by: Tonedeff
©2001 QN5 Music (ASCAP)



DJ Avee
We got a Million DMXs, 1000 Jay-Zs/
100 Eminems and 2 Million Master P’s/
But I differ drastically, Cause whether I’m raping the rhythm is never really a debatable issue…Tonedeff’s official/
Like notary’s that publicly diss you just to list you/
Hit you with a lyrical hysterectomy and off I piss you/
Hard to miss you, Cause you’re the fat jack of wack cats/
I laugh at the fact, my ricochets is the only way you blast back/
Tonedeff has actual tact, whenever I rap I flatten tracks/
Till they match the Manhattan maps they’re drafted on/
I master songs like I was Ace engineering/
Sorry, yo, for scarring your eye… I’d hit your mind, but your face was interfering/
Here in the now is when representation would aid your wasted statements/
Gates are closed and you still wanna ride like Chevy Chase on vacation/
Place your faith in this, Play me Avee, add bass to the mix/
I serve Icebergs when I rhyme, you’re just tasting the tip/
Wait till I get, paid to reject, fakes with the reps taking the checks/
vacant of flow….So, when they ask you if you knew, say you know.

Marley Marl & Pete Rock’s “Future Flavas”
My rhymes are way past radio, so I’m played last/
I never overwrite, I just keep my original flow and then I save as/
You’re lame as cats that’s kicking the same trash/
I never lose, I’ll go down swinging like Austin Powers in a plane crash/
It’s tonedeff with out the name dashed, I’m killing the space/
With the will it takes to drill your face, and use paste to fill in the blanks/
When Fosse cats deliberate, their autopsies facilitate/
The cops having to pull their dental records from their pillowcase/
I will disgrace cats over iller breaks, rehabilitate with necessity/
And I inundate, most simpletons could never deal with complexity/
A breast to finish the line: A new En-ti-ty/
With more brainpower put in my rhymes than Hannibal Lecter’s dinner recipes/
“Hello, New York”, Domingo excels steady/
We schooling more drop outs than faulty Nextel celly’s/
So, get set ready, my threat’s felt heavy on mics for many/
Yo, I cut to the chase quicker than takin a knife to Chevy/
Intertwined with a bevy of cynical punchlines that I bury/
Behind a flurry of rhymes that carry your mind to very defined comical commentaries/
I’m probably on scary level you never heard before/
I’d serve ya more, But I’m never searching for beef like herbivores/
And Furthermore, When the beats drops – Im shattering speed clocks/
I’m wondering how you say you’re a man when your girl be keeping her knees locked/
I teach shop with Marley Marl & Pete Rock, and we Fascinate/
Cause Tone’s the Flava of the Future, most rappers are after tastes.

Phat Philly
Yo, I’m known to actually smack silly stacked willy acts really Fast/
Release wax to be scratched with ease by Phat Philly/
Masterfully, cats’ll be smashed to pieces, drastically/
It has to be Tonedeff, for one, so stop asking me/
Im tappin the ass of each, splackably back heavy/
Groupie that’ll swallow happily, gargle with apathy/
The very thought of chastity is blasphemy/
My cavity’s will double the chance to catch a thief, because I got two snatch to eat/
A cunnilingus casualty…Your girl is just another oral tragedy/
The queen of ass, we call the whore your majesty/
Your last complete was rap was screaming fallacy/
I’m blabbin to seep calories, and on the average b, you speak for salary/
ACHOO! Your wackness feeds my allergy/
It’s naturally a travesty, my Mic’s Benadryl and this track’s my Tavist-D/
It’s sad to see, a rappers passively not attempting to badger beats/
While Tonedeff is treating the BPM savagely.

DJ Blowout’s “Verses Vs Beats” [aka GRADIENT]
I’m spitting the verses that’s calamitous, scandalous/
Slanderous, cancerous… Half of this master list/
Of adjectives is smacking kids with accurate attacks
That get Disastrous as I get faster with immaculate patterns it’s/
The consequence of dominance, prosperous, prominence/
Common sense will bop you into compliments For rocking this accomplishment with consonants/
I’m in this boxing shit to knock comp outta consciousness/
I got the evidence, intelligence, incredulous precedence/
With a set of prints, tested with the best equipped of instruments/
Forget your prejudice?
When Tonedeff is blessed with the remembrance element of an elephant?/
I’m obligated, concentrated, contemplative, beyond creative/
Not elated by the way you’ve propagated plots of hatred/
Complicated topics state The way that I operate is just properly consummated/
I’m the correlator, story sayer, formulator extraordinaire/
Performing where the norm is their adored heir/
I storm in there with a morbid flare and not a soul to spare/
Reforming, repairing and restoring the air/
Cause I be tearing it down, wearing the crown, pairing the sounds/
Comparing the nouns I’m staring ya down, with nary a frown/
I’m sparing ya town, I’m taking you clowns to burial grounds, and scaring you out/
I vary the bounds in preparing lobotomies out of the kit that I carry around/
I’m really astounding, knocking you out ya gord/
Fishing for compliments, bored… Reeling your eyeballs off of the floor/
Via various lures, never seen wackness as scary as yours/
Via Marriage or heritage, Kid, I hope your very insured/
And really be sure to leave your will to match/
This is verses vs beats, you’d probably think I’d share top billing with plants/
Marching like militant ants, You ain’t heard Tonedeff?/
It’s been a long time coming like non-lickable, stickable stamps/
I don’t fiddle with rap, I’ve had it with these rappers/
I kill combos, cause I insert razor blades into cheese crackers/
Disaster strikes with lyrics and beats factored/
I’m exorcising the devil out of the beats to keep active.


from Hyphen, released August 15, 2001
All verses written by: Tonedeff
©2001 QN5 Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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