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The Book Of The Dead

from Hyphen by Tonedeff

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"The Book of the Dead"
Written & Produced by: Tonedeff
©2000 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

I fought in Egypt with this Tour-guide the other day/
I smoked him, he jetted—Went out like a SUCKER/
You shit the minute that weapon told you my name/
You couldn’t think of HOT lines, even when I’m scorching your brain/
You just won a fortune of pain and embarrassing harassment/
Social disdain Niggas wouldn’t believe your Rhymes if you put Cher in it/
Tearing kids with an arrogant air apparent/
The closer my hands get to your neck, you start squealing just like a Theramin/
I’m squaring in my targets-locking, delivery’s partly shocking/
You could be a geologist and you’d be hardly rockin/
Chicks in a bar be flocking at me exposing their panties/
And gladly holding em open, like you, they hoping to scam me/
Leave you broken and badly bruised, with flows I’m soaking fannies/
Blows are nasty, you’re a whore and a pansy moore than mandy/
Who’s courting for candy and snorting with Brandy/ Your styles flimsier than what Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy’s/
Tore your family heritage, your chance of winning 50% less than marriages/
Leave you a vegetable like asparagus/
Pulling plugs outta sockets with hand gestures/
Your voice is annoying it don’t fit like Fran Dreshcer’s/
I be verbally ambidextrous/
With a grip so tight, every word I udder will make a cow attest to this/
Tempestuous energy readily emitted/
Just stepping to me’s a crime and this here is the penalty to fit it/
Transgressions committed are never acquitted/
I’ll bust a nut in your mouth, tell you to rhyme and you still couldn’t spit it/
You’re fragmented like hard drive partition defect/
Don’t even front, you’re just a Mobb Deep audition reject/
Cause I cannot fuckin’ STAND/
When bitches like you don’t have the gull to be yourself when rhyming on a jam/
Trying to sound all Rugged and raw/
But you can reach as HIGH AS YOU CAN you would barely be tuggin’ my balls/
Stunning the hall of famers, and famous niggas that’s remaining nameless/
I’ll shamelessly leave you brainless… the deed is painless/
When I be digging the deepest most heinous basses, your MOTHERS tasted/
Ask your neighbors, cause T-O-N-E is what her maiden name is/
The most jaded of entertainers have stated/
I’m the greatest creative flavor they’ve ever observed or contemplated/
You’ve done the worst overdubbing since Twister/
Kodak could offer home delivery and you still wouldn’t be getting’ the picture/
YOU LOSE! Like Street Fighter Alpha Omega/
Hyper Super Turbo Fighters Zeta Version number 2/
Build 3, Still don’t understand me?
I’ll EXILE your style and make you MISS AMERICA like Ali Landry/
Cause you get OUTED like Ellen Degeneres/
Cobras refuse to battle me cause to them my pen is so venomous/
You DEFAULTED to get here, that’s irrelevant evidence/
I’m making sure that Sphinx is reverted back to a Remnant.
And that’s only the OUT-OF COURT SETTLEMENT.


from Hyphen, released August 15, 2001
Written & Produced by: Tonedeff
©2000 QN5 Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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