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Cold​​​.​​​Killed​​​.​​​Collected​.​2 (2011​-​​​2022)

by Tonedeff

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Nicolaos Colucci
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Nicolaos Colucci Waiting is my shit!!!! This and the recent Extended f@mm reunion video made reflect on tone and qn5. I never knew music could lead into friends from all over the world. crashing at a friends house after a show, my 20's were a great time. I'm 40 now. Thank you again Tone Favorite track: Waiting.
Travis Love
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Travis Love Do I really need a reason? Unmatched lyricism, killer beats, and a magnificent supporting cast. Favorite track: Waiting.
Mads Porsborg
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Mads Porsborg Waiting is peak Tonedeff. Unique production with electronic influences. Beautiful sung parts and dense rhyme schemes. Most of all, it has the brutally honest self-reflection that makes me connect with Tone like no other artist. Listening to the Stoops2Stages snippet going into Waiting is incredibly personal. Beautiful. Favorite track: Waiting.
Enzo Ramirez
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Enzo Ramirez The new music is amazing as always. Can't wait for what's to come because anytime Tone releases new stuff, the improvement, experimenting and artistry is always evident. Absolutely love Waiting and True Dream. Favorite track: Waiting.
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Tonedeff: Now, who get nasty like this? Nobody but us we proved it, So followers cover the blueprints, And call us with tons of excuses Bout how they come to conclusions they’ve drawn it’s all an illusion ‘But I don’t’ understand all that talking, cause I ain’t ‘fluent in bullshit’ They prolly new to this concept of numerous concerts All these community sponsored drops we’ve been doin since Pac was popular Moving units to the blue schooler movement, Now who’s your papa? When ya mom was too stupid to screw with a condom, like - SONNNN!!! Substantial: Nobody I couldn't body at rapping Whether smashing newcomers or bodying hasbeens It's a fact, when they throw darts I counter with javelins And hit em from a hundred yards straight in their abdomens Laughing whenever they chatting about actions What assassin you ever know to chat about action They faction is fiction it shouldn't be mentioned Once you give us a listen, cause this where the list ends (SONNNNN!!!!!) PackFM: It's that rap veteran you can't rap better than FUCK YOU! Ladies and gentleman, here's what I've been up to I had a little situation, heads was underestimating Then they came up missing and now I'm under investigation Should've been cleared from total lack of evidence I would've got away if those kids hadn't been meddling AWWW WELL, Stan's in the house, who knows where Session's been Tone is on the track and beat's knocking, so let him in Sit back and settle in, relax enjoy the ride We the famm, it's all relative, I rep my crew with pride Yo, how many steps ahead are we now? It's more than five I can count at least ten of them, and I ain't even trying It's a trend then we invented it and just like we intended The sentiments getting them ready, they revving up their engines I'm blending a bit of reggie and lennon, and jimmi hendrix for fun And trust me, we've just begun, ya heard? (SONNNNN!!!!!) Substantial: Man, I'll shit on anything that you author Till you're trembling, any minute that shit'll be brought up The booth's an outhouse, I'm a pro shit talker Treat a biter like Michonne be doing the walkers Snatch your jaw off, tell em 'keep your chin up' Give up! There ain't another trio spitting this awesome We conquer. Lost ya. When you're all caught up Have em sounding like Michael when they snatched up Walter (SONNNNN!!!!!) Tonedeff: Extended Famm is back, In fact, check the stats Niggas’ll spell-check they tweets, but can't fact check they rapz Pack and Substantial and I @ reply our supporters So our fans fly out to shows and your mans fly out the door Keeping hands higher than hold ups, so we back to bodying records For the cats that praying for heat more than Baskin Robbins executives Called for the best? We respond in a sec with a positive test, We’re the patriarchs of the set, it’s all relative. SONNN!!!
PackFM: Last name Evans, first name JJ I give you good times, all I need is good rhymes When I'm in the hood I'm looking for love like Ray J Skeeting up in a Kardashian looking for a payday Have a baby by me baby, be a single parent I could write the check but I don't think the shit'll clear Now everybody listen here, when describing my career Only one word is necessary, what's that? LEGENDARY Sound conceited, just a little, is it true? Yes it's very I never worry till the 33rd of Neveruary All the rest are secondary, It's like I'm flying When these words hit my mind, trust me y'all I ain't lying I wrote these rhymes when I was sitting on plane So even though I don't smoke I was high like a motherfucka I don't know how much attention you paying But like the cat I just named, my style's raw like "fuck a rubber" I'm 24/7, you just a once a monther My cup runneth over, I'm from the ground under I make the crowd wonder is he forreal? Was he really there? For the competition it ain't really fair Throw your L's high in the air, dog, the slum billionaire Walk through the village square, make the people stop and stare Take a look at me and say ayo, that nigga right there is Crazy Tonedeff: I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Word to Mugatu. Dated references, lame impressions and perps wearing costumes Ain’t no message, just plain repetitive verses and pop tunes gain acceptance, and it pains me yes, but it’s certainly not news Same shit it ever was, I’m agent of change, but better, I got proof Shame niggas get a buzz on the stength of a lame impression that’s not you Wait… is that Face? Is that Drake? Is That Wayne? Some name with an A? A case of mistaken identity, Nay? Then hey, what is it? Plagiarism. Take away the page, they’ll disappear without a trace. And I got an inkling, listen tracing isn’t talent, shit is basic When will sink in, kids with paint and dripping palettes missing shades It’s so outta sync, their little brains can’t mix and match the different shapes And then when you blink - they skip a grade with tips from daddy’s rich estate You got to their LinkedIn, resumes are lists of tracks they’ve ripped from playlists When will the beef end? With a hook upside your nose, some buckled teeth, A sippy cup and a children’s book entitled ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’/ I don’t condone the rush of thieving, because it’s old it doesn’t mean/ That you get to own and thus repeat, that which isn’t yours because you tweaked it/ Because the sheeple can’t distinguish tween those notes, And we both know, some sniveling idiot’s thinking that T don’t flow So please throw stones - and you're bound to get the gong When your album sound like seventeen attempts at somebody else's songs. If the novelty’s wearing off, Lemme run it back and refresh it, Cause I invented inventive, since back when the internet hit, Back when we spit on tetris, Back when skills were the metric, Before Napster Anthems, Before Pack had distilled the question, Before Stan was dreaded, Before CunninLynguists was pressing QN5’s incepted the movement online to wreck shit And I’ve Come to think that, accuracy’s a fine line Come with a hundred screengrabs, bastard’s wanna deny-ny Suckers called us Netcee rappers, passed by the ties at primetime Motherfuckers want street raps, then they ask for the WiFi From the walls of Emceebattles, Rapmusic in 99 Puppet lols, and obscene traffic, animated UI-Is Sung my lungs out to speed raps, trance and bass, we defi-fied Public blogs when our team traveled, fans that made it their life life, Smashed the stage at the highline, classics that age like fine wine First label to podcast, can’t claim otherwise-wise My god, my drive sky dives, get pile drived from a high rise Still tightrope walking for the cats that might know me from limewire Cause time flies, don’t it? Crazy, My ninth live’s golden, I’m spitting a multiverse until your timeline’s broken A constant source of five mic moments And I got kind eyes, so I might break your face and I might not show it I’m GOATed, with a flow so potent, that no ocean can host it - DAMN Tone’s an animal with the voice, Tony Baker should post this - CRAM! If my name ain’t on the ballot, turn the fucking ballot box into a votive Tonedeff. Quote it.
HOOK (Sample) If all these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman All these rappers are bossman Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? Tell me (Sample) Who doing the work? VERSE 1 (Substantial) Yall some underachievers, You’ll never be a boss or leader Competitor you’re hardly that either You’ll never be as hard as us creatures You’re messin with Gods of the speakers They sayin Oh My God he’s a genius How you gonna ball from the bleachers... Where I’m from they call that shit leachin’ Nobody working harder we beastin, This shit’ll put a pause on your breathing Somebody stick a folk in’em please and... Tell’em bring the coffin he’s leavin Can’t tell if he was coughing or queefin Ain’t built for this boy you’re a fetus Rippin’ shit apart at our event Like a bawse and applause isn’t need ‘Cause we working day and night, on the low So it’s hard to stay in sight but you know that Behind the scenes, that I guide my team to realize our dreams and ignite The f-f-fire, desire climbing higher and higher I was rich even prior to turning sires to buyers You’s a customer not owner, Just a rustler not loaner Hold up, better own up, for you roll up And you get exposed as just a poser You’s a fraud, baby you ready or nah, We can see through the facade We goin hard, from our backyard to abroad On our job wherever we are! HOOK VERSE 2 (Tonedeff) Godammit, y’all out to lunch How in the fuck I expect that the job be done? Hired a bunch of impressionist, sloppy chumps Trying to stunt for the benefits, stocks and such Slip/fall for a settlement, a thousand bucks Ripped off, now they sweatin in a taco truck Brickwalled by their pettiness - and all for what? Shit nah - there ain’t anyone the boss of us What a conundrum, who’s left to be moppin up? Who in the f’s gonna fetch me a coffee cup? It’s obvious none of us wanna be stuck in the office but when I’m running biz independently - I’m the one in front of a monitor - the devil in me got me just Hunting for dollars, every penny is the god you trust I’m an autonomous executive - I call for cuts Of any incompetent secretaries - so y’all are fucked Pink slip… but they talking tough? And wanna don boxing gloves Bitch, you a mailroom clerk - so when the scale don’t work, you don’t box, you just box shit up Zip it! Ship it! Whip it, good! Devo! Nobody making a cent off Vevo - We don’t Give our money to Mr. Iovine, No, we keeping our c-notes, and build it up till the profits come Obnoxious to some, cause everybody hate they boss Yelling bout how to make they calls Telling em how their vacay’s off Venting ‘bout how their pay grade’s small Evidence of the game they lost, And the main is stage is ours, y’all are just bitter HR wanted a confidence builder, Fine, I’ma get Algo, then Kill drums with Sub - put em on a bill bottom line is we always deliver. Get up! HOOK
Verse 1 (Lucy Camp): Dedicated to my supposed blood I can't let this thing linger You think I'm heavily medicated I might open up I got a tat on the ring finger Meaning I do love me now I'm a deep thinker They do wanna love me now so they sink deeper No more of that puppy pout with an ugly frown Can't stand the sight when they weep liters In a knee skirt, doesn't matter what I'm in I speak free first You think B words Are gonna get me down sweetie swerve I spoke for the mayor so please research I know my shit x6 I've got a mean demeanor but I'm working on it Tryna be tolerant if we're gonna get further on it Looking to kill in a verse, mood of a murderholic You know I'm willing to curse, you know the person I been And you know the people I was You know that we only trust Few others even if evil is getting each one of us To come to the dark side, I'm just being up front Only because nobody told me I could be what I want I don't know how much room I got in my calendar Honestly I would like to fill up every fucking parameter I gotta be busy otherwise I go mad And you never know what can happen when you don't even know what has occurred And to myself I wanna know what I am her Running along the wrong ones been a habit for So long Doing the forth and back bicker For the prologue Meeting and getting a bad picture Getting wrote off I suspect they lead unfulfilled lives And that's why they feel the need to come and spill lies Money never made it man I clump a bill tight You never heard a real thing up until mine Tripping over an anonymous claim I figured how uncommon my name was so since then I told the people that I never wanted my name I told them I don't know I guess it's just a part of my shame It’s been a while though Hook (Fjer): They always wanna choose The path on which you roam Claim they don't want you to lose While in your way to your goal No one does it Quite like I do You can't do it Quite like I do Can't go through it Quite like I do So I better be me And you better be you (Lucy Camp + Tonedeff) Don't cross the fine line I mind mine Mind your own, divide pride you need to find your home In a world like this you need to ride alone Verse 2 (Tonedeff) Dedicated to liars and poser fucks, you cats need a ring leader You think I’m already dead, but I come alive in the clutch Y’all making me nap, I’m a deep sleeper Just when I was comfy, now I gotta be spring cleaning Get rid of the junk in the up in the house, give it mean sweep Put a lid on these bums slumming around, With they unoriginal sounds, get em a bus outta town now they free-wheelers - Consider it done! I’m awful good at preparing Err on the side of precaution, and so demolition’s exhaustive The cost of innovation is far from a large fund It involves that you cough up something missing that’s awesome You can’t dig in your coffers, to make an offer You go live through the brawls, through the wars through it all Till the scars and the flaws are your armor You’re prolly as authentic as Starbucks imitating a startup But I get it who really wanna be a martyr? Knowing the First one through one wall’s gonna be lost And the Second one who's ballsy enough’ll prolly be harmed The Third in the line is, nervous and tries but he falls The Fourth is shot in the head cause he’s tall Then Five through Seven are mauled, eight, nine and ten, will then catch a slug to the skull When the enemy’s outta ammo, they stall, The Eleventh person crawling over the bodies gets all the credit involved How fair! Swinging once at the pitch, and now you’ve hit one out there You a fraud ball player and even with uninformed crowd’s loud cheers Something in you will always wonder how you got here Muffuckas sample the flow and they not cleared Trying claim they family with Tone, but they not heirs Lifting and they jacking me, bolted and caught caught air Kid, this isn’t flattery, phonies, you’re called spares/ So don’t compare, If you read it, said it up in a thread you can bet that you’re caught in my crosshairs Cause I’ll get an alert, but the shit talk’s rare So a 100 and 1 percent of my inbox clear But I got a message for fuckers who want shares You’re better off investing in buckets and armchairs And let me do, all things you, wanna cling to On some “me too”, But I need room, Please move. Be You.
She dials his number on her phone It's been a while since they last spoke His voice is there when she’s alone But she forgot it years ago She dropped his heart on the floor Neither of them knows what for But they’re not friends anymore Since he closed the last open door It was way too late when she realized How many words can hide in a number All the hours spent on the other line How many words can hide in a number She dials his number on her phone She leaves a message at the tone She’s reminiscing on her own As shes dissection what she wrote She never had the strength to call And tell him everything’s her fault She’s never felt so frail and small He changed his number after all It was way too late when she realized How many words can hide in a number All the hours spent on the other line How many words can hide in a number There’s a ghost on the other line Making me float to the tougher times It was another me that you would undermine Now wanna you tag me to hash this shit out like a number sign Come to find, something wasn’t right You were shoving my name off a cliff in the in the public eye from behind Run and hide, placing all the blame on a drunken night Colorblind to the red flags, was it blood or wine? None of my business? Yeah, well you just applied Don’t think your salary’s justified — Yup denied Cut the ties with the old me, kneel in front the shrine Course you only show here when someone dies, what’s it like? Just describe a bunch of lies, jump to summarize Love of my life? Yeah right - now I’m loving mine I’ma count up to nine, uh, hung up quiet but Hearing you breath, fucked me up inside, fuck my life. ugh. How would she reach for him She doesn't know what she did Its a silly game they play There was drinking much too late Now shes all up in the air Hoping he will care Thinking if she calls him up It’s too late to talk It was way too late when she realized How many words can hide in a number All the hours spent on the other line How many words can hide in a number
(SUNG) I’m fascinated by you. I’m fascinated by you. I’m fascinated by you. The way you are. In light, I will define you. A portrait of a hologram. I see, but I can’t feel you. Cause you’re so far away. I’m fascinated by you. I’m fascinated by you. I’m fascinated by you. And you’re so far. I reach through your projection Your image lingers on my hands I feel the lost connection I pause to count the frames. (VERSE) We’re connected. In a dream that we both can perceive, feel my loneliness breathe as I hold your reflection. What a tease, should be close here with me and it’s so inconvenient to go this direction No reprieve, cause it’s solely a means to control this unease, yet it’s, slow, ineffective, And the speech seems to choke the reception But we know what it means If we don’t intervene and proceed with this show We can easily fold It’ll leave us exposed and defenseless The amnesia will grow, memories seem to mold, And it seems that we’re prone to forget shit And the details that glow like it’s heat from the coals will recede in the cold if neglected, Though our reach is remote and electric No, I still don’t really see us as separate And I believe this whole screen is an entrance The only thing that soaks me in your essence Even though, you’re free to roam, we only tend to be at home, keeping our phones ringing and texting You would think it was OCD, relentless We can’t leave us alone, seeking attention To each his own, to me you’re so sweet its infectious need to go see to my row of teeth with a dentist You complete us, the fourth piece in a tetris Your qualities that I quote read like a checklist Yet there’s reasons to fold and be apprehensive, sexless seasons get old, it feels like a sentence And I scheme like dopefiend when he’s desperate But you’re feeding my soul, I teeter on ethics We have chosen the key to throw deep in the trenches Clinging to hope indeed, with no belief in an exit That’s when we get aggressive, Being defensive, no one’s cheating – we’re guessing/ Beasts in a tempest roaring, screaming and venting, Leading with questions, do you feel the effects festering? We’re decreasing our presence, teaching a lesson Posed like other’s dead, till the grief is immense No amount of meters can measure the steepness or depth When what we’re too weak to express gets between In a heap of regrets, exceedingly vexed Getting nosebleeds from the stress, Which leaves the impression there’s no more steam in the engine If it’s meant to end, who are we to reject destiny? Don’t repeat what I said yet, heed it in jest All this is a meaningful test, let’s reap what is left when We sow seeds of depression If we can attest the remedy is to rest next to me So many people are skeptic to see If love can linger when stretched this extreme Perceived from their perspective from recent events And the scene is intense, but it tends to deceive Cause what appears to be senseless succeeds When we are near we’re possessed, hence the heat That is unequaled, it’s legend, it weakens our legs And it rings in our heads and prevents us from sleep And so our greed is incentive to keep Pressing and leaning ahead, set to meet But In the meantime, expect that I will greet you in bed, As you set within the west, and I ascend in the east, And still we need this repression to cease My heart’ll beat like a freshman’s – with speed When I’m swept from the stream and caressed by breeze and the relief that I will get when your projection’s released.
[Hook: Kno] She sits in bed with her halo crooked She says she's never been in love before She takes time to define what we'll never get We're turning into enemies with benefits Enemies with benefits [Verse 1: Natti] She the girl of my dreams, also my nightmares Cause she be jigglin' it, killin' it in her nightwear Between mean glances that we might share The space between us is like a lightyear All in my phone like she AT&T All in my Facebook pretendin she me Cus her "Not Hot" single friends feedin her nonsense The ghetto's trying to kill me and my chick's an accomplice With black gloves (black gloves) black mask (black mask) Full lips (full lips) fat ass (I like that!) Text messaging ridiculous comments I'd have to wash my mouth out to read you the contents She might literally love me to death We had a stairway to heaven til' I fell down the steps Now I'm left with a pain in the neck But she's my eye candy, the flavor I savor And I'm part Vader, I think with my saber I live in crazy town and I'm married to the mayor [Hook: Kno] She sits in bed with her halo crooked She says she's never been in love before She takes time to define what we'll never get We're turning into enemies with benefits Enemies with benefits[1393920] You might also like Looking Back CunninLynguists So as Not to Wake You (Interlude) CunninLynguists Love Ain’t CunninLynguists [Verse 2: Kno] They call me Lex, junior Not Rex Lewis My ex like a six shot shooter - sex ruger She's a sex cougar She texts, we bang every time I sit next to her Man, she get me hard as steel, I call her X-Ray Coz my ex bust her neck during sex play I get the cleanest dome, I mean it holmes She never be at home but she never be alone Her boyfriend is a punk, he rock a onesie He think he fly, pullin' stunts in his undies But she my kryptonite I know...cryptic right? I'm sitting back with a pipe getting ripped at night On my window pane, the coldest rain My enemy, Miss Lois Lane [Hook: Kno] She sits in bed with her halo crooked She says she's never been in love before She takes time to define what we'll never get We're turning into enemies with benefits Enemies with benefits [Verse 3: Tonedeff] She’s a devil in a baby blue dress Who I'm mentally redressing as an angel through sex Who be testing my mettle - and yes, in a way, I choose the stress And I guess that I settle cause I’m a slave to huge breasts But it ain’t worth it Ask me again if my mind has changed on the situation in five days And I couldn’t say for certain And so we stay in this deranged arrangement Nailing ‘tween the breaks of these unwavering debates of ‘who’s the Crazy person’? She got them fuck-goggles on me My judgement Impaired like I was drunk on kamakaze’s running a busted Kawasaki Callin the love doctor cause I need a fix of this chick and it’s sickening Wish I could quit, but my dick is mixing the signals and shit Half of the time, I see past these disastrous signs And half of the time, I keep asking if I’m happy to lie If blame can be assigned, then I guess I’ll have to try this food for thought: You can always see the shape of the pan in the pie Savage desire in me to taste her loving So my peace of mind will never turn into a baker’s dozen I’m crumbling
Tonedeff: I am... Phallaxor The Matter Lord Master of war with plasma swords Massive in form with acid pores Mad for the taste of your planet’s core Gnashed in my teeth and I plan to hoard galaxies worth I’m a savage Bored, naturally - because the lack of sport saddens me I’m a galactic force! Who dares to battle when standing before me, renders you halved? When I warp through parallel paths to distort your atom’s order! The Galaxian Matador, dash at me within a flash you’ll see packs of me that’ll be swarming within an asteroid storm Here is your last chance warning, Then I won’t ask no more Did you get that? Then I’ll hit you with that celestial bitchslap. Natti: Perpetual impact that your mind can’t shield Weighing in at a gillion parsons it’s Zarcon Steele Tentacles tatter your tissue, till torn, tender to the gristle The pitiful pray for the victim, I evict the veins of the victor No matter the matter you’re made of it contains the brains that I make haze of Thoughts you’re thinking you thought are those brought to those that I make slaves of The pecs your appendage’s pump is the hunk of flesh that I make caves of Imprint the pattern of Saturn across your face like its make-up Tonedeff: You better wake up! You speaking of Saturn - you late much? If you’re reading the data it’s 8 months till you see where the flash and the rings of my championships came from Now you want light-speed? Say what? There is no one like me, Likely, so it doesn't take much If you’re taking up space and you’re in need of a weight cut I’ll sever your tentacles, then I’ll make ‘em a paintbrush Staining a blood moon Creative within one swoop - parted in four The Cosmic artist of war, you could say that I was Sun Tzu plotting the gore One-Two! You can hold my weapons, I’ll punch through your core defenses Then I'm shattering your orbital bone While knocking the solar wind out of your solar plexus. Natti: You're outta your mind, this marble is mine To break into dust and do as a line Or roll it with space and lace it with time Right after I separate you from your spine I'm here to perpetuate your demise I savor the hint of hope in your eyes When I'm done I'm sticking my dick in a black hole and creating the sun (son) To shine down on your grave from Wherever the fuck I came from Pimping this planet since day 1 Your earth chose me Zarkon's so far gone in your galaxy balls deep Weight of the world, fate has been hurled Too close within arm's reach
Kaiju Too 01:06
You insult me with the paltry quality of your pimp game When the whole universe split up your bitch in the big bang - utilizing Uranus for sodomy, It’s a wash when displaying astronomical dirty laundry and you’ll get hanged with Orion’s belt, Quantum leap over your body I shot with a 1.21 Giga-watt frost beam Till your jaw freeze, and it falls clean off, and it’s all because you be talking And ya Lost Steam, which is an accomplishment without oxygen Knocking this pussy back into another dimension, your Gozer when I cross streams Call in your swat team for help and it’s 12 free whippings Put Cancer in remission, Bitch Virgo, Pisces sleeps with the fishes, Slice up Gemini Twice, Leave Leo lying, Ram Aries into Aquarius, Splashing on Libra - off balance, impaled on the arrow of Sagittarius The 50% Torn Centaurian, Pulling both horns off of Taurus, goring Scorpio in his thorax - , scope the horrors/ till Capricorn admits that I am the GOAT and there is no match for Phalloxor that’s iller. I’m the ZODIAC KILLER. And you won’t react until it’s too late to be holding me back - I’m starving And I’m charring the body of Zarkon to Pomme Frites You can launch three star fleets to and disarm me And I’ll palm a comet as a brillo pad to spot clean a cylon army/ I’m starbuckin - adama-nating fashion, Born under a bad moon, smash galactica over your back, manage to keep it in canon, Polytheistic damage with gamma rays that be hyper-colliding with all of you. Spark till your family prays to your god particle.
Kno United States of America, Planet Earth's anus Where you can be famous for being famous Where you can be maimed & remain nameless Cops paint your plasma on pavement wavin the stainless Their aim is not stellar, hell is unholstered Shootin up your Chevy, blackholes in your supernova When the shootin's over, 20 blue suits on hand They on the stand doing the Nuetron Dance Public defender shines light on a dead client A badge turned a coward white dwarf to red giant Bodies flying, Cirque du Soleil Mistook a Milky Way for a weapon at the Circle K Blood spatter patterns look like a constellation But for a grieving mother...what's the consolation? Secret indictment might give the answer Her sons a shooting star, caught it all on a body camera Tonedeff Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sparkle like a lit cigar in the dark - we glow. Drawn to this - the flicker - moths, bitches, mosquitos - When you on, anonymous starfuckers get you off - people turned to peepholes. Seek glory to be whole, We broke, needy to blow to eat So then we deepthroat media mogul egos For the meaty roles, vegan hoes kill for the part, play it, All while niggas stargaze in starvation Start praying - But we kicked god for a kickstarter Wishing upon a star? Then it’s prolly Miss Carter Chicks starry-eyed for small fry pricks with a big start up Then they be startled when they their star-crossed lover lost bucks and they get starched when they’re starstruck/ When the stars align, the land of stars and stripes becomes the land of hearts & likes, But every starlet’s hotness dulls and Tony Stark rusts When your all-star rating devolves to one Your star on the walk of fame dissolves to stardust - the question for all us is... Natti Is it shadiness behind shades? Admirers mired inside a gaze Clear nights trapped inside of days Taken to the sky to be eyed in every space Shining in steady pace, Cast light to heavy face Be all that glitters, cause gold is sold in the mirror An unfortunate fortune that can't be read any clearer A wish on descent is spent As followers turned astrologers define your alignments Did it force his course North or was it forces colliding? The enterprise is flying on the trek that you're guiding Enterprises are rising on the checks your providing And as your glow grows ever closer to supernova Before that light reaches the iris your life is over That brief span with many moons shoulder to shoulder The constellations prize a fall from high sober Deacon Way up high Apple of my eye We all sit and marvel as you dazzle in the sky Never been shy The fire that never dies And we love it The public can't touch it, but some try to rise It's dangerous flying with wax feathers so to cop a space shuttle or better we stack cheddar I might pawn a piece of the whole for some goals The globe is a rotisserie cooking up slow But I know that most of us are suffering heatstroke Chasing mirages, mansions and speedboats big booty bitches! Yessir I need those I want a shine that'll stretch from west to the east coast The fame The quest to be a household name Shti is really messing with my brain, man I got a little bit of money and it's burning in my pocket 'bout to empty out the bank and build a rocket Vamp If you raise your glasses high you might see across the sky
Tell the Reverend Harris to pray for me, Lord I ain't gonna live I don't believe I'm gonna live to get much older [Verse 1: Tonedeff] Lights out, so peaceful, stressless Things used to seem so restless Forgive me please, see I need to address this Just haven't been this breathless since I met this Woman who lept into my life when I was reckless Mothered my blessed kid, but was destined to exit early Guess you can say I've been blessed with the best gifts Reminiscing, holding her necklace in my clenched fist, hah It's funny how we move in sudden directions Dedicated my life to the public's protection Never remarried cause love's an investment Besides, I had a baby girl to worry about That would struggle to blend in Now as I think, a weightlessness is interrupting my senses A pulsing tension carries my very frame I rise up in ascension: wait I try to escape, but I arrive at these gates I see a figure standing guard who invites me to pray [Chorus] I tried it on At the gates of Hell I'm going to lay Down, down [Verse 2: Tonedeff & Deacon] I walk towards the figure that's extending its hand I move to enter past the gates yet I'm met with its grasp Slow down son, there's things to discuss, such as family But first, let us talk about vanity Vanity? Man, you're sadly mistaken Either that or your sanity's shaken If you'd examine me patiently You'd retract on your statement I haven't sinned flagrantly, I've acted as faithfully As any other single father who raised a baby girl graciously Nakedly, she was at your door after her mother's death Ignorant to racial anger and other stress Later had a mixed baby at her sweet sixteen How did that fit within your picnic scene? Sometimes it's too late to fix these things The pristine dream was over Had to face the fact she split these genes with his sick seed With skin the darkest pigment seen And so I kicked and screamed Until we found the peace that distance brings A mixed race queen, that was your thoughts about her momma Up yonder went her soul, your hate growed from ponders On life, being less trife with a white wife So any instance of y'alls differences it was slice-slice Oh my, it's not her race, my daughter's love flies blind I couldn't take her making the same mistakes that crushed my life I'm dumbstruck by these baseless allegations I've saved too many lives of all creeds For you to paint me as a racist I've endangered my own safety to save babies from blazes Black, white, latino, even asian on occasion But why so? How dare you question my motivation! No need to second guess, your only aim was to be famous Lord knows, you've left behind scorched souls Black children left chilling, later found burnt whole So sadly, your glory's to come urgently Sentenced to fight fires for eternity
He looks at my name and instantly clicks Scrolls through my insta feed pics He had a problem with me on the very first day so now we don't typically mix I'm talking tweets, receipts Going for bones with stones and twigs Specifically sticks Throwing that shit up at me but it bounce right back like elasticity bitch Go out and I mingle, I'm visibly lit Homegirl just told me she's strictly with dick But she's seen I'm pretty and physically fit So now I'm somebody she's physically with Yes you can hit if you're physically thick Got my heart broken and dignity stripped So now I'm out on my BS and it's back to this rappin It's back to the industry shit Damn it's back to the streets where I'm headed To make it to me, you'll get beat and then and vetted I got my guard up, I'm sweet as a lemon Yeah, he'll run his card up for me, if I let him He'll shut the fuck up and he'll speak when I tell him Ain't buying a goddamn thing that he's sellin Leave him on read, he can't read when I'm spelling If he asks for head, then I'll be like Ms. Bellum When I get back 2 it When I get back 2 it All the motherfuckin hate Turn my fuckin back 2 it Say you wanna be great But I know you can't do it Just wait. When I get back 2 it When I get back 2 it Um, Hello. Hi! How ya do. Been a minute. since I rocked for you. Limit the gift to the shit I produce So figured I'd spit a bit, pop off with Luz/ If she gets a bit cross, pissed off - it’s on, We off, We on your off-switch, on cue/ Cause this ain’t TikTok click counts or views You get slit, bounced, kicked out and bruised I’m up in your pocket for profit, Now that bitches will get starved - switch clout for food Leading the simps on, like its cartoons Prostitutes, Sacrebleu, I’m through Quintic affiliates, rip down the booth From the strip to a million trips round the moon Bitches get a grip, I’ll get round to you Cause it ain’t inches, its longitude Get it - In - Got it? Yup! If you made Luz get the strap, y’all fucked. And I bet you a lonely man, begging her for an OnlyFans, In the end all you get is just the tip, y’all subs. Cause we in invest mode, better keep it respectful, We don’t read the comments so, we don’t see where the threats go, Next show, let’s go and I mean don’t step slow - Magic wand - feel the buzz of CampXO! Presto! When I get back 2 it When I get back 2 it All the motherfuckin hate Turn my fuckin back 2 it Say you wanna be great But I know you can't do it Just wait. When I get back 2 it When I get back 2 it
When did everyone become a motherfuckin' expert? Source of all knowledge Center of the network Absolutely phoney, they pose and dispense their guesswork Ask 'em if they know when they don't and they give you the yes first And everyday it gets worse The next person to give me a lecture Tellin' me why my head hurts, gets dentures Looks like 'Little Miss Know It All' gave up the booty to 'Mr. Told Ya So' To save her cherry but he was mistaken on which hole to poke and had you A bit of a snafu Considering critical people like you are the first to predict the bad news The sins and taboos The type of morons that all deny when they're wrong And wouldn't get nothin' outta this verse if they bought the rights to the song But that's aiight I don't oppose advice or close my mind for Guided notes to the blind, I'll open my eyes to quotes from a wise source But I'm supposed to rely on stoners ridin' on they high horse? I don't think so! And nor does my court Go order yours You bore me "Everybody knows...but me" I try to tell ya but "Everybody knows...but me" Yo son, wish I could help ya but "Everybody knows...but me" I suppose I'm hopeless cause "Everybody knows...but me" But who knows, who knows New Jacks say I'm paid but my apartment's gettin' teenier Brag that they hate fame and then divulge it to the media These cats aim mainly just to salt the shit they feedin' ya They facts change daily, son they walkin' Wikipedias And I'm often disobedient and plot to rebel And won't follow the good advice that I've always offered myself It's constantly shelved Yet everyone still wants to share their philosophy's, well If I humor them all there's no way I could possibly fail, right? "Man, you should be famous." "No doubt, I appreciate it." "Yo, keep it underground for life." "Nah of course, I'd love to be paid less." These lames peck at ya sorta like piranhas So I roll with the punches in my recordings like Rihanna "Why don't you tour with Common?" "Awesome, more I never thought of." "You should ghostwrite for Ke$ha." "Son, I'd rather be drawn and quartered by Chihuahuas." "Dumb it down like Jay." "I'm too smart to lower my prowess." "Just get a track from Dr. Dre." "Alright, well hold up while I call him." {dial tone} "You got his number? I don't." If the answers, "No" then jam the phone right in your fuckin' pie hole Till it kills the dial tone Cause I know, you mean well And the crime isn't that But money you makin' up answers to questions I didn't ask And then to disguise it as fact, pssst c'mon son That's lower than my balls hung on a hot summer's day runnin' through Tulsa But if you crave insight on how to be great on the mic Then you'd be an idiot not to take my advice, right? But apparently "Everybody knows...but me" I try to tell ya but "Everybody knows...but me" Yo son, wish I could help ya but "Everybody knows...but me" I suppose I'm hopeless cause "Everybody knows...but me" But who knows, who knows [Bridge]: The world got a secret that they wanna tell ya A full proof cure all that they wanna sell ya Believe it or not it's all an act to control When people act like they know when they actually don't I said The world got a secret that they wanna tell ya A full proof cure all that they wanna sell ya Believe it or not it's all an act to control When people act like they know when they actually don't Ya know?
Wordsworth: So ridiculous, the flow's so meticulous Foes sure picketing, Popo ticketing Diss you with low blows, like Miguel Cotto hit you with With my crew going loco, show dough splitting it Stripping it, got dough for my Volvo with stick in it Bought a lolo, dip in it, gotta pole vault to sit in it Polish so the glow show, candy paint dripping it Hydraulic shocks like I got pogo sticks in it Solo, one life, YOLO, living it Soho, BOGO Polo, dipped in it Logo, billboard, promo businesses, Mojo, GQ, photos flickin it Hoods like Scarface, like a blow snow blizzard hit Kill your man like Montana did Monolo sniffin it In the club, DC, playing Go Go Hanging out with Ice T singing 'I'm in love with the coco" kickin it From Dorothy getting toto, wordplay wizzing it Send her home in her high heel Monolos clicking it How the show goes in slow mo, GoPro clips of it Buy a camera, cause you'll never ever go pro spitting it Tonedeff: Whoa, whoa whoa, Behold your infamous, Words & Tone, together it’s overkill in this bitch With the flow’s inventive as Ford and edison smoking ritalin hits From the moment it begins, known religions will fold for tickets to shows, Attendance is swole, and it mimics the pope when he’ visiting rome & venice then splits hoes get open, the emotional niggas they rollin and living with pissed I suppose I’d be pissed if my chick was just boned as bonus incentive with a trip Got a global citizenship, you’re at home, we living it, On the road, I’m an idiot, city to city I kill it and don’t know the difference, it’s mixed We the quotable spitters, two bros that are Grimm with the prose over instruments, If I wrote to your shit, it’s like royalty kissed you and the crystal slipper fit I’m Solo musician, a pitching physician that’s throwing a clinic, And I’m quarantined with the gift to be limitless, being this sick is a lonely predicament isn’t it? (hngh) You hopeless ignorant dicks, you a goldfish swimming in shit and you’re so conditioned to the bowl you’re in, king on a miniature throne - tisk tisk If you’re only ambition is indo smoke with a bimbo Well, your bars so low, I could tip-toe over this shit in limbo, Your bitch is a disco hoe with a pill soaked throat, she polygamous - yes You can only hit it if Diplo won’t, if you’re intimate, triple your Cipro dose Better get a grip or we’ll strip your gold like they did bones jones, We so Ridiculous. Swish!
Tonedeff verse: Twighlight, I grind. Right now. Push myself to pull an all nighter here in the tug of war for time outs. My how, I’m yearning so I can lay down/ But the night owl catches the worm before the early bird learns that it’s light out Cause I vowed, I would never sport tie round for some corporate pie - Proud to the core I survive with the DIY crowd Son I made Polyoptics through my supporters, floating by crowds That I’m outworking, they might drown in the sweat of my furrowed eyebrow Like “Ciao!” Few peers ever do shit Cause they don’t like to deal with a few tears, death and losing Like, I know, right? But really though - who here’s best solution Is a whole life that feels like a new year’s resolution? That’s some hoe shite. Afraid of change, Trying to maintain Status quo wanna save face, not today Satan, Naysaying every play, They say stay in your lane, But mainly only if you’re headed to the same place On that, getting up late. Twitter update. Bitter Muckrake from the laziest fuckface My work ethic is godlike amongst atheists, Nuff faith - There’s always too much on my plate, I can I never get enough cake I’m the one baking, the truck driver, the location, Son, if I complain, then my hat is a touch tight for the occasion, What’s life - but a rotation of vocations No patience for old ways, Cause when I’m outta line, there’s no waiting.
Waiting 06:01
Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. …Wait …Wait …Waiting for the words….to come Hoping patience is a virtue, So I’m pacing in a circle With virgil, in the first room With a Plato Hors D'oeuvres, it’s hazing by deferral Asking waves of atheists how faithlessness can serve you There’s no explanations and another eight of these to burn through Expectation is the worst food, Depending on your taste, the flavor can be worse chewed And delayed gratification can be a curse too So, I’m procrastinating like Satan with a curfew It’s break time, it’s laziness in work boots, a late grind I drop the ladle in this word soup, ate blind Glacial is the pacing in this pursuit, hang right to find another great line — to an absurd queue. ‘n take 5. Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. Everybody's waiting Everybody's waiting Everybody's waiting Everybody's waiting There’s a weight on my chest I don’t say this jest, but I’ve lived with a grain of regret That I’ve wasted the greatest days of my life chained to a desk So in case I forget, remember this shit is paid for in breaths Need an angel investor — I’m chasing a check Since yesterday’s price is not today’s, it raises the later it gets Basically spent on your fate, just to wake up in debt Taking the wheel in a game of roulette, without placing a bet Yet - you can spin it how you wanna spin it But the data suggests that I didn’t play to my strengths, Coulda put the label to rest and kept making bangers for praise But instead I caved from the stress till the train was trailing away Creative procrastination as my ex would say A million things to do but none that would lessen the strain I was willing able and foolish to try to mess with a flame in a building, basement to roof with no fire exit escapes I would find there was less on my plate when I’d press on the brakes Not realizing the engine would tank in this vegetable state Then eventually anxiety, depression and pain Fed me the grapes in an emperor's cape and kept me restrained, Reined. But as the pressure for relevance gave I found liberation in no expectations with plenty of space Overzealous the immensity bent the edge of the frame Overextended myself in this effort to change… But the more I did, the less I became Drained, thin, spread to a paste, sandwiched between the bread I could break A genre, a movie and record was made, And there was nobody left by the stage with attention to pay — but I did it though. My limitations were temporary — that’s critical. I set the pace and whenever ready, delivered gold This is a thank you for everything you've given, though Sorry, I kept you waiting. Let’s get it yo. Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. Everybody’s waiting on you To get it together. Ain't nobody waiting Ain't nobody waiting Ain't nobody waiting Ain't nobody waiting Ain't nobody waiting but you.


The second properly manufactured “Collection” of all Tonedeff material which occured AFTER 2010’s Cold.Killed.Collected. 21 tracks spanning the years 2011-2022, including alternate versions, remixes and 4 BRAND NEW SONGS — never before heard by the public. This is an absolute MUST have for the QN5 competitionist.


released November 29, 2022


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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