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Lucky (feat. Extended Famm)

from Hunter [EP] by Tonedeff

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4 8 15 16 23 42. What are we gonna do now?


Written By: Tonedeff, Substantial & PackFM
Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP).

V1: Tonedeff
Now I’ve been thinking bout what separates the haves from the wants/
and all of the chance thats involved and whether it matters at all
Like is your fate randomly drawn from a hat or a handful of straws
Or is there a map that we’re following - not understanding the cause/
And I been thinking about the happenstance of factors and laws/
Like, what are the practical odds you would be on the path that you’re on?
Say If your dad or your mom were a bit more financially strong?
Then wouldn’t be trapped by your options, problems with cash would be solved/
Your priorities passive and calm. And you could pass up a job,
As you casually cough - taking a hit from a gravity bong
Plot a startup and stall till a venture capitalist calls
Cash in your stock when it goes public, Crediting your passion and resolve/
Would be sad if you saw this, doing some task for your boss
Cause you had the identical idea, but you were distracted with this job/
That’s like being naturally small, but still got a plan to play ball
And then being passed in the draft for an African then being mad cause he tall
Now I been rapping on songs, since Jay + Jaz had a bond
I know that I'm nasty with these bars and yet I’m always the one last to be sought
After these assholes who chart - on cause their man’s is a star
But niggas still brag to their balls like it wasn’t their addresses’ fault
Oh did you master your flaws? Did you just slant the results?
Can you win a pageant if unattractive and you’ve been ravaged with scars?
Is there a pattern to solve? Or is it just gambling evolved?
And are you insured? Because everything in this life is an accident y’all.
Right? You're Lucky.

V2: Substantial
One to smoke on, uhn...
Let me be blunt, perhaps we see what we want
You tried and flunk but their triumph you just perceive it as luck
You seem to be stuck... on things that matter the least in your life
Failing to learn from all of your failures why you impeding your light
Now you’re sick kid and you can’t fix it with some pedialyte
Completely greedy a beastly piece like graffiti we write
Stop moving speedy Quicksilver and kill your need to be right
I know you’d prefer all the breaks, but most of us learn from mistakes
You’re “lucky” if you live to receive it, luckier if you can see that
Luck ain’t got nothing to do with you helping them reach achievements
Chance might get you to the door but working hard is how you keep it
Whether Victor or Victoria it’s hardly been a secret
It favors the well prepared so I take chance most wouldn’t dare
Gotta be candid about my fears like when cancer gave me a scare
Could’ve chose to walk around blind with my pride ignoring the signs
Chose to side with the opposite that logic it kept me alive
So now I’ll live a bit longer of course I feel a bit stronger
My ignorance would’ve killed me I wouldn’t been more wronger
Some say that I’m lucky, I see it with clearer vision
Y’all can leave it to chance, I choose to make better decisions

Got a silver spoon- you’re lucky
Posh Living Room - you’re lucky
Got a bigger view -Then you’re lucky
Short life span - you’re lucky
or Die an old man - you’re lucky
It’s what you make it fam - you’re still lucky
If you’re born rich, your crib’s enormous,
Aint got a mortgage, goddamn - you’re lucky
If you’re healthy, still far from wealthy,
food in your belly, then you’re still Lucky.
You’re lucky

V3: PackFM
If you see penny on the ground and its heads up,
what the fuck you gonna do
pick it up, pick it up
If you spent your last buck on a losing lotto ticket
tell me what you gonna do??
rip it up rip it up
See I'm not the one to press my luck or test my fate
a destiny control freak
i'm calculated with the steps i take
cuz you can hit the curb a second late
and end up in your resting place
so my pocket holds a rabbits foot
just in case
s'all smoke and shattered mirrors
if you dont know the ledge
someone wished me luck before a show,
i damn near broke a leg
had the laces untied on my ones
thought i was lookin slick
I aint cross a black cat
or some other superstitious shit
no happenstance i take responsibility for my actions
and all of my decisions,
the good ones and the bad ones
karma dont decide what i develop my skills in
or if my chance at success is more than one in a million
simply being born proves we can all beat the odds
and if you pull it off again
they tell you thank your lucky stars
must have been a full moon that lined venus up with mars
well since we're giving credit out
tell me where the fuck is ours?
even when you go pro you get drafted in a lottery
thats just the way the ball bounces
if i'm lucky theres spot for me
so when i take that last second shot
make it and beat the clock
i'll pat myself on the back
and tell luck to eat a cock

With a little bit of luck, you get by
You could hit it big, how many tickets will you buy?
Baby, cause the game’s just the lotto in disguise/
Everyone’s a winner - if you settle your prize
With a little bit of luck, you get by
You can tilt the odds in your favor if you try
Baby, cause the game’s just the lotto in disguise/
Everyone’s a winner - Cause the numbers don’t lie
(Count them up - it goes...)
4 8 15 16 23 42 - what are we gonna do now?


from Hunter [EP], released September 23, 2014
Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial & PackFM. Produced by Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP). Scratches by: DJ JS-1. ©2014 QN5 INC. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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