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Substantial - Sign Language (ft. Extended Famm)

from Cold​.​Killed​.​Collected. (2005​-​2010) by Tonedeff

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First we got Kevin, thirsty, hot and sweating in the kitchen with no shirt
Computer shutdown before he got to save his homework
Now he’s really heated, blood boiling heart racing
Looks around “Where’s Traci?” I told her not to use the A/C
She must’ve caused a power outage, screams out the window to his sister
In the knick of time, a speeding care barely missed her
Black Lex screeching to a halt in the intersection
Collided with the ambulance going down the street in the wrong direction
Driver jumps out of his car, left the engine running
High tails it up the block, screaming at the top of his lungs,
“Don’t Worry, Momma! I’m Coming!”
Crowd starts to gather, cops make it to the scene
Paramedics in the ambulance trying to save a patient
But it doesn’t look like the driver’s even gonna make it
He’s hemorrhaging from the neck, nothing they can do to stop it
Then a shot fires from the crowd. “Get your hand outta my pocket!”

Mind open, eyes wide
Try and focus follow the signs
Mind open, eyes wide
Try and focus follow the signs
‘Cause you never know if today is the day
Better be sure that you mean what you say
And keep your mind open eyes wide
Gotta focus follow the signs (Come On)

V2 [Tonedeff]
“I don’t wanna die like this”, he keeps thinking
Repeatedly, blinking, as his eyes are stinging from the bleeding
People screaming on the scene, he breathes the steam in
He believes he’s dreaming, even he sees Freeman, his team leader, he covered for this evening
He pulled the favor, but never asked for a reason,
Gasping and wheezing, too late to scream at dispatch with his grievance
He’s trapped with the wheel in abdomen, feeling is passing…it leaves him
Deceased in flash, and the screams come
Accidents happen, man, the summer’s a hazardous season
The camera pans to man with a clean gun
And it gleams sun, when he moves to reach up, to squeeze slugs right into the chest of a typical street thug
He screams police, and people freeze up
Now introducing Dee, he ducks and the cop thinks that he sees something,
And he bucks, and now the brother needs to be cleaned up
And now we cut to a girl with D-cups,
Holding a pair of green chucks, and a tee covered in Dee’s blood, who really seems crushed
Now, she weeps but seems touched
In an weird way, like crying on the outside but inside she’s thanking Jesus
She leaves us, as she’s being hugged,
By a man resembling the cat the paramedic thought he might have ID’d or dreamed of
As the camera swings up, we see Kevin, and he’s rushed
To make it to class, He thinks “And of all days to be stuck”
He busted his ass, for three weeks on his thesis to impress Professor Greenlove
Who doubts that he’ll pass, teetering on a D+ plus
He got be up at the School of Electrical Engineering at 3 cause
If he don’t, well, then he’s fucked, with loans and no degrees to speak of
We pan back to the rear of the ambulance, the second medic administers treatment
On a old woman, who’s spleen’s ruptured from deep cuts
She’s really in need of, a heart surgeon, Well, yeah this part’s disturbing
Cause the medic dips and leaves the lady with debris stuck.
In her veins, Gee shucks, that’s deranged, Kevorkian steeze
And according to me, there’s more to this here than it reads cause.


Seemed like one of those days when nothing was clear
Plus the temp’s 10 degrees above a hundred out here
(Flashback) phone rings Traci rushes to pick it up
Worried look on her face. Arm hairs sticking up
“Don’t tell me on the phone” “OK well meet me downstairs
in 5. I called out and I’m already ‘round here.”
Surprised Traci was, she felt a chill in the air
Got her mental prepared for the shit she would hear
And then darkness… I ain’t talking ‘bout Charlie Murphy
But every single light in the community wasn’t working
Elsewhere Professor Greenlove can’t contact his mama
‘Cause little did he know she had her own batch of drama
Felt ill called 911 before she was a goner
Cut herself while collapsing she ain’t made out of armor see
Dee left the pharmacy he has no honor
Now mama Greenlove can’t get the meds prescribed by her doctor
(Meanwhile) Professor’s driving and he’s not seeing proper
It was too dark to find his glasses in his freaking locker
Yall know that that’s a hazard right blazing thru the traffic light
That wasn’t on at a glance he crashed into an ambulance
Same one his mama’s in when does the drama end
Fore’ that Freeman told Traci she’s carrying apart of him
Dee’s watching them hug and read a sheet while his head twirl
He dipped out of the pharmacy to win back his ex-girl
Eternally stressed heard them mention a paternity test
Then he rushed Free. A cop came to come see
What the ruckus was about Dee reached for Free’s pocket
While reaching in his own for what might have been a wallet
Then they heard a gun buss aloud now Dee’s no mo
He used to beat on Traci. Kevin told her he was loco
So she broke up with the mofo and gave her freedom to Freeman
‘Cause Dee was a prisoner of his own inner demons
(Nearby) Professor flees his Lex to find his mom
But can’t find her, for the medic served as a reminder
How her mama tortured her like this woman treated her son
Felt obligated to rid the world of this person
All the while Kevin’s crying over spilled milk
3 bodies on his block he’s lucky he didn’t get killed
Couldn’t get through to the school so he stayed his ass home
When he finally did he heard the date had been postponed
So he took it as a sign wisely utilized his time
passed with flying colors now the brother’s doing fine
Days later he stopped by the power plant to find
There’s an opening Greenlove was forced to resign
Facing criminal charges while Kevin’s working for me
And the fella’s doing well and I trained him personally
Oh and by the way I’m way put the power on
Pay attention to the signs and see what’s going on.



from Cold​.​Killed​.​Collected. (2005​-​2010), released June 21, 2011
Written By: PackFM, Tonedeff & Substantial // Produced By: Algorythm


all rights reserved



Tonedeff New York

Emcee / Producer / Singer / Songwriter / Designer / Director / Insomniac.

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